Are .com Extension Domains Better for SEO? [Answered]

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are .com domain extension better for seo

Are you thinking about which type of domain extensions (.com,.net,.io,.xyz, etc.) you need to select for your website? Some people also have a question: are (.com) domains better?

You are also confused about whether (.com) domain extensions are better or not than other extensions. If you want to start a new website, then you need a domain and you also need to know which type of extension is suitable for you.

To know the exact answers I think you have come to the right place to know more about the domain extension list. If you have some time on your hands, you should read some basic notes about this type of name.

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(.com) Domain Meaning

The names that have (.com) are called (.com) domains. (.com) is also known as the top-level domain (TLD).

For example, [] is a root domain that has (.com). The position of the extension is at the domain-ending portion.

( Domain Meaning

The names with ( extensions are also called ( domains. This type of name and (.com) names are completely different.

Are (.com) Extension-Based Domains Better for SEO?

Customers or online visitors normally type the domain name with (.com). If the domain reaches more clicks, then the Google search engine may consider it a valuable domain. In this case, (.com) can get more clicks than other extensions and hyphens in domains.

So the domain with other extensions has also gotten online visitors, but the amount is lower than the domain that has (.com).

(.com)-based domains matter for SEO, and this type of name has preference over others.

What is Better: (.com) or (.online) Extension?

In my opinion, (.com) is better than other (.online,.net,.org,.co,.io,.xyz, etc.) extensions. There are some specific facilities for (.com), and that is why (.com) is worth it. Besides, most of the companies prefer to choose (.com).

Do People or Customers Trust (.com) or (.org) More?

You may also have this question:
Which one is more trustworthy: (.com) or (.org)?
Normally, new buyers are comfortable using (.com) in their brand name. This is the reason why (.com) is more preferable and reliable than (.org). This extension is also reliable, but it is not as popular as (.com).

Is (.com) Still the Best Domain?

Till now, (.com) has been more memorable than other extensions for online visitors and customers. Most domain buyers at first find a (.com)-based name.

You may also have a question: Which domain is best for small businesses?

Try to use the (.com) name because this extension is almost known to all.

Why is (.com) Extension so Popular?

This extension is used worldwide, and it also represents commercial terms. That is the reason why any person wants to buy a brand name for a business, and he chooses (.com) most of the time.

Normally, this type of name is used for more profit in business, and most of the bloggers choose (.com) for the brand name.

Do Google and Bing prefer (.com) Domains?

A website with high-quality content gets preference from the Google search engine.
Google has no preference for ranking a website higher according to the domain TLD. (source)

Someone also asked: What are the best domain extensions for search engine optimization (SEO)?

I think you have understood the answer to this question, and you also know that the quality of content on any website is important for SEO.

Is (.com) Used in America (USA) Only?

(.com) is used in many other places in the world, and it is widely accepted. (source)

I think you have understood the answer to this question.
Can the (.com) extension be used worldwide?

What is the (.com) Extension Used for?

Com is used for various reasons. Different levels of users are bloggers, small business owners, etc.

Can You Get (.com) for Free from the Internet?

From some hosting companies, you may get a (.com) domain name for free, but you have to purchase a hosting plan (conditions included). You need to check with popular hosting companies to find out if this type of offer is available or not.

What Domain Extensions Need to be Avoided?

Try to use the (.com) in your site name. If you don’t find your required (.com), then you can change your brand name and keep the (.com). My suggestion is that you should use (.com) and also check the trademark issue before purchasing any type of domain.

My Viewpoint

In summary, I want to say that you should choose (.com) during domain registration. This type of extension is popular with the customer. If you want to know more about other extensions, then you need to read this whole post.

After reading this post, I think you can get some useful information that may help you before registering a new name. You know that a brand name is very important for any website.

If you are a beginner, I think you should read all the posts on this blog site where I have shared some essential information about domain privacy protection, hosting, and creating a new website.

I have tried to share the website-building information easily so that any beginner can get help. To get organic traffic from your website, you should focus on the SEO terms that I have also discussed in other blog posts on this website.

SEO, or search engine optimization is also an important term for Google ranking and other search engine ranking. You can use specific SEO tools as a beginner so that you can save more time.

I have also shared some reliable SEO tools in other articles that you may read if you are interested. For ranking websites, SEO plays a vital role, and you also need to follow SEO rules if you want to get organic, free traffic from your website.

So the best way is for you to learn the basics before starting your new website. In the FAQ section, I have shared some more information about extensions that you may read to get a quick answer.

FAQ: Is (.com) Domain Better?

How much does a (.com) Domain Cost?

This cost may vary according to domain registrars or providers (Namecheap, GoDaddy, Google Domains, squarespace, etc.). If you want to purchase or register a new name (with (.com), then you may cost around $20 (this cost may be lower or upper).

Some people also ask, Is the (.com) so expensive? If you want to buy a premium domain that has a (.com), then it may be required at a high cost to you. If you want to register a new name, then you may need a lower cost than a premium name.

How much does (.com) Renewal Cost after a Year?

This cost depends on the type of extension. The renewal cost may vary according to registrars, and you need to check the cost before purchasing.

Is (.com) more Professional?

Most of the time, professional business owners prefer (.com) over other extensions.

When was the (.com) Extension Invented?

In 1985, the (.com) domain name was registered first.

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