Is Blogging with Google Sites Good for Free Use? [3 Notes]

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is blogging with google sites good for free use?

You are thinking of starting free blogging, and you also want to know: Is blogging with Google Sites or good for free use?

You can start a free blog site by using both of these two platforms (mentioned above). If you want to know more about this site builder (Google platform), then you may read this article.

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Can You Start a Blog Site for Free?

Yes, you can start a free site by using some guidelines that are not a tough task for you. But you need to know that a free website looks unprofessional. If you want to make a site for business or affiliate marketing, then you need to use paid hosting for a professional website from a reliable place.

Is Starting a Free Blog Idea Worth It?

If you don’t have any experience with blogging, then you can start your first writing with a free writing platform. When you can understand that this type of free writing doesn’t add more value, then you want to start professional blogging.

Is “Google Sites” Good for Free Blogging?

In this section, you can start writing without any cost, but this type of free site is not profitable. If you are interested in writing your first words as a newbie, then you can try this platform, where you can get a website builder tool.

Can Google Sites be Used for Building a Professional Website?

You can use this platform to learn how to create a blog for free, but you don’t use this free platform for professional activities.

Can You Add the Blog Posts to a Google Site?

After creating an account in this place, you can add blog posts to continue free blogging. Besides, you can add all the articles to this section by using the “embed by URL”

How Do You Link Your Total Blog to Google Sites?

By clicking the embed option, you can add the total blog site to this section. I have mentioned steps that you may follow:

🔗 Step1: Login to []
and click ➡️ start a new site (+) icon.

🔗 Step 2: Click ➡️ “embed” option

🔗 Step 3: Click ➡️ “by URL”

🔗 Step 4: Enter the blog URL that you want to add to this place.

🔗 Step 5: Click ➡️ “insert”

This is how you may add or embed blogger sites into Google Sites. You can also create a responsive blog on Google Sites without adding an old site. Here you will find Google Sites templates (website templates) or themes after creating a site.

What are the Limitations of Free Google Sites?

  • 🟤 You cannot fully customize your site with SEO requirements in this place.
  • 🟤 Besides, if you use this platform, you will get limited storage limits for your website data.
  • 🟤 You cannot continue your business promotion professionally with this free platform.

If you want to start a professional website, then you may try a reliable paid hosting plan at a cheap rate, like Hostinger.

Why Don’t Some People Want to Use Google Sites?

Some people, like you, may think of promoting their businesses with a free site from here. In this situation, I want to say that you may avoid this free platform because you cannot get more facilities from SEO. You may use a popular paid hosting platform for blogging or an affiliate website at a professional level.

Which is Better? WordPress Blog Site or Google Sites?

If you want to start professional blogging, then you need to use a WordPress site that you can also customize as an SEO requirement. Besides, you can customize the website design, and you can also manage all the articles easily by using this WordPress software.

You can also install an SEO plugin to get the SEO requirements for your site. In this Google site builder, you will not get all these facilities because this is a free platform for creating a website.

What Kind of Blog Site Should You Start?

You should start with a blog topic that you are interested in and have enough experience with. If you don’t have any experience, then you won’t be able to create articles with the help of other readers.

If you are having trouble finding a blog topic that is low-competitive, then you may try a keyword finder tool.

Finding the Low Competition Niche for Blogging

If you use a highly competitive blog topic as your first blogging site, then you may not get organic traffic from the internet as a beginner. So the best way is you find a low-competitive blog niche that is important for getting free traffic online.

Cheapest Way to Start a Blog for Professional Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know how to create this type of blog site as a beginner, then you need to follow the step-by-step methods.

My Viewpoint

If you are a beginner and want to practice writing for free on this platform, then you may start. But it will not be better if you want to use a free blogging platform for professional use.

For promoting a business brand or continuing a professional blog site, you need to manage a paid hosting plan. You may use Hostinger or another reliable hosting platform for reliable paid hosting.

Now decide to continue free blogging or professional blogging as your choice.


Which is Better: Google Sites vs Blogger Platform?

You can create non-professional blogs for free on these two platforms. Both platforms are good if you are thinking of creating this type of free site.

Can You Use WordPress Software On Google Sites?

If you want to use a WordPress site, then you need to use a paid hosting plan. You should avoid the free site if you want to rank your website in search engines for free targeted traffic.

What are the Free Alternatives to Google Sites?

You may try Weebly, Blogger, Wix, etc. if you want to create a site without any cost for unprofessional use.

Can You Use Google Sites with Your Own Custom Domain?

Yes, if you want to use a custom domain on this platform, you can use it for your site.

Can You Use Google Sites for a Small and Medium Business?

It will be better if you use paid hosting and a WordPress website for any type of business. If you want to get a higher ranking for your site on Google, then you need to know how to create this type of site (as I have already mentioned above).

Why is Google Sites Better than the Wix Platform?

Both platforms are better for creating a site, but you will create a free site by using this website builder (the Google platform) spontaneously. On the Wix platform, you need to pay to get a professional-level site and full excess.

Are Google Sites Visible to Everyone Online?
If you publicly publish a site on this platform, then everyone can see it.

Does a Professional Blog Cost Money?

Yes, you need to purchase a custom domain and hosting plan if you want to create your business website.

Is Blogging Full Time Possible?

If you are a professional blogger, then you may choose this blogging profession full-time.

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