Where are Bluehost Servers Located? 6 Data Center Locations

where are Bluehost Servers (data centers) Located?

You need to create a website targeting a specific country or location, and that’s why you need to know the server information of this platform.

If you are finding this information, then you need to continue reading so that you can get the server location. Here, I have also added some notes that you may read if you want to know more about this platform.

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Basically, Where are the Bluehost Hosting Servers Located?

You are thinking of purchasing a plan for your first website, but you don’t know the actual data center of this platform.

If you target specific customers or traffic in a specific location, then you should also focus on the data center of your website.

It will be better if you use a server location that is near your customers or online visitors. So here I have mentioned the data centers of this platform.

Bluehost Server or Data Center Locations

Bluehost server or data center locations

  • USA ➡️ Utah
  • USA ➡️ Orem
  • UK/Europe ➡️ London
  • India ➡️ Mumbai
  • China ➡️ Shanghai
  • China ➡️ Hong Kong

Is Bluehost Hosting a Slow Server?

The server speed may vary depending on what you choose from here. If you choose a shared hosting plan, you can get lower speeds than a dedicated plan. If you are thinking about which hosting company you should choose for a fast server, then I suggest you try this platform.

Does Bluehost Provide Unlimited Bandwidth?

If you are a beginner, then I don’t think you need to think about bandwidth, and you should focus on receiving organic traffic from search engines. At the first level, you may choose a shared hosting plan, and at the same time, you need to continue publishing quality articles for SEO improvement.

After developing your site, when you receive a huge amount of organic visitors, you may switch to a dedicated server on this platform that has unlimited bandwidth to receive any amount of traffic. You may also use the Google Cloud Platform, which has a bandwidth limit.

Is Bluehost Platform a Web Server?

It is a popular company where you can get world-class service for your site. After loading a website file on this platform, you will get a server with a website so that any online visitors can find your site (by typing the domain name) after searching on the internet.

Besides, an SMTP server or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol system is available for the set of communications.

Does Bluehost Provide a Linux Hosting Server?

This place is the top Linux provider, and the service on this platform is also reliable.

What is the DNS server (DNS settings) for Bluehost Domain?

Nameservers (US)

  • ns1.Bluehost.com (
  • ns2.Bluehost.com (

Nameservers (india)

  • ns1.Bluehost.in
  • ns2.Bluehost.in

Is Bluehost Platform hosted?

This platform offers different plans, and it is also a self-hosted version of the WordPress website. You can get reliable Bluehost VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting from this place.

What Website Builder Does Bluehost Use?

In this place, you can find WonderStart, which can create a site quickly. Besides, this site builder is useful for building a professional site easily.

Best Bluehost Plan for User (Include 1 Year Free Domain)

Different types of plans are available on this platform, and you should read any plan before selecting the features. The main three types of plans are:

  1. ✅️ Shared hosting (for beginners)
  2. ✅️ VPS hosting
  3. ✅️ Dedicated hosting

Read MoreSign up Bluehost hosting

If you are new in this sector and want to start a professional website, then I think you may try a shared plan on this popular platform. If you have a habit of writing and want to start a blog site at a beginner level, then you may also try this type of shared plan for your new blog site.

My Viewpoint

Overall, I just want to say that if you are thinking about taking a plan from this platform, you can choose a plan. Many professional users also use this platform for maintaining their professional or business websites.

Besides, I have also mentioned the server locations of this platform so that you can get ideas before creating your website.

There are two types of websites: one is a blog site, and the other is a business site. I don’t know what type of site you need to build up, but if you start a business site to promote your brand value, then you may easily create a site by using a website builder tool from here.

On the other hand, if you target or focus on creating a blog site for long-term use, then you may create a WordPress site from here.

To get organic traffic, you also need some SEO implementation for your new site. Such as keyword research and creating unique articles with optimization. To do this type of SEO implementation in a short time, you may use Semrush (a popular SEO tool).

Finally, I want to say that this platform is a top-rated company, and you can also check the customer feedback on this service. I have also added a FAQ section that you may read so that you can learn more within a short time.

FAQ: Bluehost Data Center Location

What Database Does Bluehost Use?

All hosting plans on this platform offer MySQL. Here, you may use phpmyadmin (in cpanel) for the management of databases if you are not interested in a desktop application for MySQL.

Does Bluehost Service Use Nginx and Apache?

You will not get technical support when you use Nginx. This place offers a customized Apache server, and you can design it according to your requirements. If you are interested in using custom modules for the version of Apache or PHP, then EasyApache is used.

How to Change Server Location in Bluehost?

After getting a website, you will not have the option to change this location for this platform. This is the reason why, before creating a website, you need to talk with a support team about the type of server you need.

What is a Good and Reliable Hosting Alternative to Bluehost?

If you are not interested in this provider, then you may try Hostinger or other hosting providers without hesitation. This is also a popular and cheap hosting provider that also has top-notch service. This place is also suitable for beginners, mid-level, and upper-level users who want to continue their sites for a long time.

Where are the Hostinger Server Locations (for Websites)?

  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Lithuania
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Brazil

Where are the Godaddy Hosting Server Locations (for Websites)?

  • Arizona
  • Phoenix
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Ashburn
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam

Where are the HostGator Hosting Server Locations (for Websites)?

  • Utah
  • Provo
  • Georgia
  • Atlanta

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