Difference between Hosting and Server [Easy to Understand]

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difference hosting server

Are you confused about the difference between a server and hosting? You may think that these terms are the same.

But the real thing is that they are not the same, and they have different functions in online activity. In this post, I have shared a specific difference between hosting and salwar.

So if you need to know the exact difference between them, you should continue reading.

What is the difference between domain, web hosting, and web server in website networking?


A domain name is the website address that the user uses to enter the website. Normally, it is one type of name that can be memorized by any visitor.

When any person types this specific address in a Google search, he can enter that specific website or blog. For example, suppose any person types (mrbrandweb.com) in the Google search engine and can find the required and specific website area.

Here, the (mrbrandweb.com) address is a domain name by which you can find the specific virtual area.

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Web Hosting

It provides online space for collecting website data (images, text, videos, etc.). This space can be lowered to the upper level according to the hosting price.

When you purchase web hosting, it means you rent a small amount of internet space from a hosting company for storing your website files.

Besides, some people are using cloud hosting and cloud computing in this virtual area. Because this type of cloud service is better than traditional service.

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Web Server 

What is hosting server

When you purchase web hosting from a specific company and upload your website files to that host area, that company stores your website data on hardware or computer systems that are maintained by specific software.

When any person or client searches your website address on the internet, then that computer network or software shows your website to that person.

This type of computer system or software is called a web server. This also may be one type of host server example.

Now, I think you have understood the difference: host vs. server vs. client.
This system is one kind of client-server model.

What is the actual Difference Between Shared and Managed Server Hosting?

1️⃣ Shared Web Hosting

It is a service where many websites from different clients are connected to a physical server. (source)

2️⃣ Managed Server Hosting

It is a service where a client can lease an entire server, and it is not shared on any other client’s websites. (source)

Dedicated Server vs Dedicated Web Hosting: Difference

In dedicated hosting, a physical server is attached to a single client or website user. On the other hand, shared hosting is not like that. In this system, one server serves different clients’ websites. This is the reason why dedicated hosting has a higher cost than shared hosting.

Difference Between Web Hosting and Web Browser on the Internet

A web browser is one type of application software where you can view different websites in a few seconds. On the other hand, hosting is a space where you can store your data.

What is a Physical Server?

There is another name for this type of server, which is a bare-metal server. It indicates a computer server that needs the CPU, hard drive, internet connection, motherboard, etc. For running the program, an operating system is also needed.

Web Server vs. Physical Server

The physical server needs more space because it needs hardware, CPU, memory, etc. On the other hand, a web server for website hosting has a relationship with the physical server.

Web Server vs. Application Server vs. Web Container

Application Server

This system is created for managing software or applications for end users and IT services.

Web Container

The function of this system is to maintain security, a logging system, a transaction management system, etc. It also manages the resources of web applications.

I have already mentioned a small definition of the web server in this post. If you read this definition, you can understand the differences among these types of servers.

Web Server vs. Web API

Web API (Application Programming Interface) is one kind of interface that can extend the function of a web server.
Rest API is also another kind of application interface that is used for various purposes. Besides, the term API gateway is also related to client request activities.

Difference Between Host and File (Database) Server

A file or database server is used to manage data files on the user’s website. Users can share website data without a physical transfer.

On the other hand, the server hosts the total website and its image for proper management. The server host key may be used to authenticate hosting. Besides, colocation hosting is used for better data facilities.

Actual Difference Between Host and Domain Controller

The domain controller is a company that allows you to purchase and store a domain in that place. You can change the name of the server at any time in that place. You may be able to make a landing page for selling a domain.

Hosting a website needs virtual space for loading data. Some companies also offer domain control and hosting together.

Hosting vs Server Room

The server room helps to keep some equipment safe so that this type of equipment can manage network connections with internet hosting effectively.

Web Hosting vs. Hosted Server vs. Cloud Server

A cloud server is one kind of physical server, and this type of system has a relationship to application running and data storage.

Hosted servers are related to the performance of website visibility, and web hosting offers fixed virtual places for data.

What is a Server Cloud Storage

In this system, data is stored for the access of unlimited users, and it is maintained by a third-party company.

Web Hosting vs. Linux Server

A Linux server is used to maintain business applications and web services with databases. In this situation, hosting data is also required for doing that activity.

VPS vs. Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is more powerful and safer than a VPS server. Besides, there is a customization opportunity on a dedicated server


In summary, I have shared the difference between hosting and a server so that you can easily understand it before purchasing any type of hosting. This type of information is required for beginners, and I think that to maintain hosting, you need to learn some knowledge.

In this post, I have also shared some more notes with different words that are related to these topics. I think you should know these terms if you are interested in continuing your website in the online section.

I have tried to share the answers to some questions with easy words so that beginners can learn quickly. I have attached the source location in this article so that you can learn more related information about these topics.

If you are interested in learning more, you can read the questions with answers that are given below in the FAQ section.

FAQ: hosting vs server

Do You Need a Server to Host?

The server is required to maintain website data that is hosted, and that server can show that data to end users or visitors.

Does it Cost Money to Host a Server from a Company?

When you purchase hosting from a company, you automatically get a server system for maintaining your website. Normally, a cost may be required to purchase that plan.

Can You Host a Server Without Domains?

You can purchase the hosting and server plan without a domain. But you need a domain name for creating a website, and you need to attach that name to that host area.

Does Every Domain Have a Server and DNS?

A domain name server is included in the domain name. There is a domain name system (DNS) included in the domain control system, and most of the companies provide DNS hosting and servers.

Can a Server be on Two or Multiple Domains?

On one server, you can host multiple domains. When you are using many websites on one host, you are required to connect domains to those websites.

What is a Hosted Exchange Server?

It is the hosted system where the messaging platform is enabled from mobile devices, desktops, and web systems.

What is a Self Hosted Server?

It is a system to host servers without using third parties.

What is a Jump Host Server?

In a different security zone, this type of system is used to manage devices on a network. (source)

What is a Local Host Server?

Website developers use this type of tool to test their developing websites and related applications. Besides, host and server jobs are easy for website developers.

What is a Serverless Cloud?

Developers can build applications in this model, and they don’t need to manage any kind of server to do this.

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