Do Blogs Cost Money? Minimum Cost to Start [1 Best Place!]

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do blogs cost money?

You are thinking of starting a new professional site with no money. At the same time, you are also thinking that you will earn money from this type of free site.

Now the questions are:

  • How do beginners make money from a blogging platform?
  • How do you start a professional blog site at a cheap rate?

If you need to create a professional blog, does it cost money to start this type of blog?

Like you, some people also have a question: do blogs cost money for new starters?

To know the answer to this question (about blogging costs), you need to read the full text of this article.

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Does it Cost Money to Start a New Blog?

You may have this question: Does blogging online cost money?

Starting a new site at a professional level requires a cost. If you are thinking of starting a promotion for your business or want to do affiliate marketing from content marketing on a blog, then you need to use a paid hosting plan.

Using a free blog site looks unprofessional, and I think you have understood this. When readers come to your blog site, they find professional articles to get more information.

So I think creating a professional site with a paid hosting plan is preferable to free blogging.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a New Blog Site on WordPress?

If you are ready to start a new blogging career at a professional level, then you need to pay for some sectors. They are:

1️⃣ Managing domains and paid hosting plans

Before creating a blog site, you first need to register or purchase a domain (as startup costs) from a popular registrar like Namecheap. After that, you need to choose a paid hosting plan for a professional blog site.

You can buy a domain and a hosting plan separately and use them together when creating a new site. If you think that managing domains and web hosting separately is critical, then you may manage domain and hosting from a reliable place.

In Hostinger, you can manage both a reliable hosting plan and a domain. Here, you can create a new site easily by following some steps.

The cost of a hosting plan may vary ($29.88 or above) according to different hosting features. You should check out these hosting features before managing paid hosting. Managing a domain name requires expense, and this cost may vary ($4.99 or above) according to different domain extensions (.com,.net,.io, Co, etc.).

Normally, most bloggers choose the (.com) domain extension for their blog sites.
Before purchasing a new domain name, you should check the renewal price (monthly expenses).

2️⃣ Renew the domain and hosting plan.

After managing a domain and paid hosting, you can now create your new site, but you need to renew the hosting ($95.88 or upper) plan and domain ($15.99 or upper) after 1 year. And you need to continue this renewal process every year.

So my suggestion is that, before purchasing a hosting plan, you should check the renewal price per year. I think these calculations will help you stay within your budget and allow you to continue your professional blogging for a long time.

How much does a Blog Post or Article Cost?

You don’t need any costs (expenses) for blog writing when you write articles for your site.
To grow a website, I think you should write quality articles and maintain the technique that I have easily mentioned in other articles.

But here, you need a hard-working mentality and patience while writing. You should also continue writing and publishing articles to grow your new site.

How Much Does a 1000-Word Blog Post Cost?

Already, I have mentioned that you should write your blog to grow your new site. To grow authority on your site, it will be better if you publish your writing.

It will not be better to publish other writings in your blog post because you need to grow your blog authority. This is the reason why your writing is important for growing the authority of your new site.

You will also find some content writers online, and they may offer you articles at different prices. I think the best way is to avoid these content writers and prepare articles with your writing.

N.B.: Before managing a domain and hosting, you may contact your selected hosting support team for more information about the expense. If you want to use a paid theme and plugins, then you will need extra costs.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to say that you should manage your budget before starting a professional business site if you are interested in this. You should not think of using a free blog for affiliate marketing or other business promotion.

In this article, I have also mentioned the blog’s cost according to different plans.
But after reading this article, you will understand what type of budget plan you need to start professional blogging.

At the same time, you can prepare yourself before creating a new site if you are a beginner. You can read my other articles that may be helpful for you to know more about quality articles, SEO techniques, and other useful information.

FAQs: Do blogs cost money?

How much does a blog’s domain name cost?

I have already mentioned the pricing of this type of domain in this article. Normally, (.com) extension domains require a lower renewal cost than (.io,.co) extensions.

Is it free to make an established blog?

To start a professional blog at the beginner level, you need to invest some money. At the same time, you need to maintain proper SEO techniques so that your site grows well. Overall, I want to say that to grow a new site, you need to manage some basic expenses that I have already mentioned.

Are blogs (online articles) free to read?

Reading articles online is free, and this is the reason why a large amount of organic traffic comes to many websites to find targeted information. These types of visitors are customers, clients, general people, etc.

Normally, Google or other search engines provide different types of blogs to readers for free. It reflects a positive impact on our technology world, and lots of people use this facility to get more information.

Is blogging on a WordPress site free?

You can create a WordPress blog site for free, but you cannot get full access to it.

If you want to start a professional business, then you need to create a professional WordPress website with a paid hosting plan. If you are thinking of managing this type of hosting at a cheap rate, then you can go to Hostinger or other popular hosting providers.

Is the Google Blog (Google Sites) free?

You can also create a free site on this platform, but you cannot get full access to this service. But you can share your thoughts as blogs on this platform, and I think you need to use a professional paid plan for professional use.

How much does a blog site cost in the UK?

The expense of hosting and domains may vary according to the different hosting providers that you will find in the US, UK, or other places. My suggestion is to find a reliable hosting plan for starting your new site.

How much does a new Squarespace blog cost?

On this platform, you may incur a higher expense for creating a new site. If you think that you have no problem with budget issues, you should try this platform.

The cost of this platform may vary ($192 or above) according to different plans. If you have a low budget and you need a site, then you may go to this Hostinger company.

How much does it cost to start a new food blog?

I have already mentioned the expense of creating a new blog site, which you may read again. If you want to start another blog topic, then you can use a specific topic at a specific cost from reliable hosting.

To start a specific blog niche first, you need to find a targeted topic. If you are in a hurry and don’t know how to find your targeted niche or blog topic, then you can use a specific tool.

How do you find this type of tool?

Well, I am sharing this tool, and this is a niche finder tool that is also reliable for lots of bloggers.

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