Do You Need a Domain for a Website? [Go Top Registrar]

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do you need a domain name for a website

Do you need to get the right answer to this question? What is the meaning of the domain name on a website or blog site? What is an example? Do you need a brand domain for your website?

To get the answer to these questions, you need to continue reading.

A domain name is an address that is used to enter the website. Here, my website name is (, and any person can enter my website by using that name. When someone types a name on the internet, that person will find your site.

Do You Need a Domain Name for Hosting a Website?

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This name is necessary, and you need to connect it with your website. If you don’t do that, you cannot load your website on the online server. As a result, no one can see your site.

Do You Have to Buy a Domain for a Website?

If you have already purchased your hosting for creating your site, then you also need to register a name.

If you can collect a premium domain name, you can also use it for your website. To buy this type of domain name, you may go to a popular domain registration company.

What is a Landing Page that is Used on a Website with a Domain?

On a landing page, the overall description of a product or service is given in short and specific words so that customers can easily understand what they need.

After reading the information on a landing page, visitors can know the specific service plan or product name. By using this type of web page, visitors or customers can enter the main service page or product source.

A custom domain is attached to this type of landing page so that anyone can land on it through the Internet.

Do You Need a Domain Name for a Professional Landing Page?

You can create a landing page without a custom name. If you want to attach your chosen name to the landing page, then you can do that by using some settings.

If you have already paid for a hosting plan, then you can make a beautiful landing page with your custom brand name. Besides, if you don’t have a hosting plan, you can also create this type of page because some companies offer free trial landing pages.

They can also offer a paid professional landing page that you may try. In my opinion, the best thing is to create a landing page if you have web hosting and a custom domain.

Do You Need a Personal Website for a Landing Page

Without a website, you can make this type of landing page for the company. But it will be better if you create a professional landing page manually and connect it to your domain name.

If you already have a website and hosting plan, you can create a new lending page and make it visible online.

Why Do You Need a Domain Name for Your Online Small Business?

If you want to continue your online business, you need to manage your website for online customers. That is why you need a brand name to activate your site. Without this name and website, no organic online visitors can enter or land on your website.

Besides, you can increase your authority and business brand if you can use this type of name properly.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Domain on Your Website?

Without this name, the availability of your website is not possible. If you want to present your website to online visitors, a domain name is a must.

Besides, you can create paid advertisements without using a domain or hosting. But if you want to make your site with web hosting, then of course you need this type of name.

You may also have a question: Can you host your website without a domain name?
The answer is that you cannot publish any kind of article without using a domain.

Which Type of Domain is Best for a Personal Website?

I will suggest to you that it will be better if you choose a name with a top-level domain (.com) extension. There is also a big reason for that, and I will explain it now.

A new customer may enter your website by typing your website name. After some days, customers may enter your site by typing that name with the (.com) extension.

Normally, most visitors type a name with a (.com) extension. If you manage a brand name with other domain extensions (.net,.xyz, etc.), then you may lose that repeat customer who will try to enter your site by typing the name with the (.com) extension.

Overall, I want to say that using a name (with a .com extension) is a good idea for beginners.

How to Find (Choose) and Purchase (Register) a Domain Name for a Personal Website

Go to popular domain providers that are certified by

In my opinion, Namecheap is a good domain registration company that is certified by ICANN, and you may try this popular company.

Besides, you can use other registrars (GoDaddy domains, Google domains, etc.). If you want to start free domain registration, you cannot.

Besides, you can choose any other domain registrar for collecting your brand name, and you can use it on your website.

After entering the site, you can see that there is a search bar option where you can find a new available domain. Then you can register that name by following some conditions.

If you face any type of problem, you can contact their customer support at any time.

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FAQ: Do You Need a Domain Name for a Personal Website

Do Website Domains Matter for Online Presence?

You can have a presence online if you have a website. Besides, when you create a website and connect it to a domain, that name has an IP address. If you need organic traffic, you need to optimize your site by following SEO rules.

Can You Just Buy a Domain Name without Using it for a Website?

You can register a name, and you can hold it for one year. You can also change the landing page by using the DNS (domain name system) setting.

After one year, you need to renew this name. That means every year you need to renew that name.

How Do You Know If You Own Your Website and Domain?

By searching for your brand name in the WHOIS record, you can know the expiration date of that name. You can also know the domain registered information where you registered your name.

Besides, when you enter your domain account, you will see that your purchased name is available. When you log in to the hosting account, you will find that your website is available if you own that website.

Do You Need a Domain Name Before You Build (Make) a Website?

First, you need to register a name, and then you can create a website. It will be better if you find your selected name available and buy that name.

After that, you need to purchase a hosting plan from a hosting provider. Finally, you need to create a website using this domain and hosting plan.

Can You Register a Domain Name Without a Hosting Plan?

Yes, you can buy or register a name, and you don’t need a hosting plan to hold that name. You can manage your purchased name from your domain account.

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