How to Install Free Custom SSL Certificate at Hostinger?

how to install free and custom SSL certificate

Want to get a free Hostinger SSL certificate for your domain name? This type of certificate is important for a domain, and you should use it before creating a website.

In this article, I have shared how to get this type of free security from Hostinger. You don’t need to buy an SSL certificate from Hostinger or other platforms.

If you are interested in creating a website and managing a domain with this free security, then you can continue reading to get the guidelines.

What will Happen If there is no SSL Certificate?

If you don’t activate this type of certificate on your website, then visitors may be at high risk when they are trying to enter your website.

The visitors’ data may be stolen, and the website owner may also be at high risk for security issues. If you activate it on a website, you may benefit from reducing this type of problem.

What is the Cost of an SSL Certificate in a Hosting Plan?

Many popular hosting companies provide this type of free security with their shared hosting or unlimited web hosting plans. If you want to decide whether to create a website, you need to choose a good hosting provider like Hostinger, Bluehost, etc. After that, you need to activate this security on the website domain.

Does WordPress Website Have Free SSL?

If you don’t get this free security from your web hosting company for your WordPress website, you can use Cloudflare to get it for free. Normally, most reliable companies offer a free SSL and a 1-year free domain with their hosting plan.

Does Hostinger Platform Provide a Free SSL Certificate?

You can get this security for your Hostinger domain for free. Besides, you can also get a free domain if you purchase a minimum 1-year hosting plan from them.

How Do You Get a Free SSL Certificate from a Hostinger Account?

After installing a custom SSL certificate on the Hostinger account, the HTTPS protocol will be added before the domain.

How to get a free SSL certificate from Hostinger

There are some easy steps that you can follow to add the HTTPS protocol before your domain name. Steps are:

➡️ Step 1: Go to Hostinger and purchase a hosting plan (minimum 12 months) for a 1-year free domain. If you already have a hosting plan, then you can go to the next step.

➡️ Step 2: Click the SSL menu.

➡️ Step 3: After adding the (https) protocol before the domain name, this name is now ready for use on the website.

Does Bluehost Hosting Provider Provide a Free SSL Certificate?

This hosting provider also provides this type of free security for the domain. However, the condition is that all the domains must be active in the Bluehost account.

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate from Bluehost?

This platform has two types of account management options. Such as Account Manager and Bluerock. Before activating this type of free security on your Bluehost domain, you should check what type of account management interface you have on your Bluehost account. For step-by-step setup guidelines, you can read this (source).

Does Hostgator Provide a Free SSL Certificate?

This platform also provides this type of free security for the hostgator domain. After Hostinger, Hostgator is also a reliable hosting provider for users.

My Viewpoint

Secure sockets layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) is important for a site and web browser.

Some people also want to know about Hostinger SSL prices. In this case, you can get it free if you use a hosting plan for creating a site.

If there is no such security on the website, it may seem like an unauthorized and untrustworthy website for customers. This is the reason why you need to add this type of certificate before creating a website with a website builder.

On Hostinger, you can get this free security that you may use in your domain name. So I think that if you have decided to create a website on this platform, you may use this type of facility.

In Hostinger, there is also a system to use Comodo SSL. Besides, this type of hosting platform is also reliable, and day by day, customers are increasing in favour of this platform for its reliable services.

You may also read my other articles where I have shared about how to create quality content, find a niche for a website, etc.

FAQ: Activation of Hostinger Custom SSL Certificate

Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Each of Your Domains?

It will be better if you activate this security for all of your domain names.

Can You Install a Free SSL Certificate in Cloudflare for Your Domain Name?

You can activate this free security in that name if you use the Cloudflare service. They also have a free plan that you may use for your website if you want.

How Do You Secure Your Domain on a Hostinger Account?

First, you need to activate a two-factor authentication code for the security of your Hostinger account. You should create a strong password for the Hostinger account so that other people can’t open it.

After that, you should lock your domain from that account. Don’t share domain authorization codes with people without their consent.

Is It Possible to Use an SSL Certificate without a Domain Name?

This happens in rare cases, and it needs proof of ownership of the IP address to use this type of certificate without this name.

What is the Main Difference Between Paid and Free SSL Certificates?

Free SSL provides basic security, and paid SSL provides higher-level security.

Does Google Issue SSL Certificates in their Blogger Platform?

When you create a free site on, Google automatically adds this security to that site. Besides, Google sites also have this type of security for their users.

How many SSL Certificates does a Blog Site or Website Need?

Most of the time, one SSL is used for the domain name of a website. However, multiple SSLs can be used on a domain.

Does Hostinger Offer Free Domain Privacy?

If you purchase a hosting plan from that place, you will get free “domain Whois privacy protection”. To know more about this domain privacy policy, you can contact their support team.

Does Hostinger Use a Free https or Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate?

When you use this security from this hosting place, the HTTPS protocol will automatically generate in your domain. This type of free security is also known as Let’s Encrypt.

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