How does Grammarly Work on Your Phone and Laptop? [6 Steps!]

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how does grammarly work on your phone and laptop

If you are interested in knowing about Grammarly and you also want to know how Grammarly works on your laptop and phone, then you want to know its function.

You have heard about this tool or app from many people, and now you seriously want to use it for solving grammatical problems.

So you want to know some ideas about this app because you are a beginner in this online sector and want to start writing like a professional writer.

I want to tell you that if you are serious about this tool and want to know its function, then you need to continue reading to learn more.

How the Grammarly App Works in Office Word?

It is an app that is used for correcting grammar errors in any writing, and you can use it to develop your writing skills. When you install this app and open it with Office Word, you will see that this app is starting to detect wrong sentences from your Office Word text.

When you start to write anything in Office Word, this app starts to inspect your writing with Grammarly AI technology. After inspecting your writing, it will show you what grammatical errors were found. At the same time, it will show some options as solutions so that you can easily understand the errors in your writing.

After that, you can easily correct these errors by clicking on the options that the sentence correction tool will show you. Besides, without MS Office Word, you can also use this app or tool in other options such as Google Docs, Mac, Android, iPhone, Mobile, iPad, etc.

This is the reason why lots of users are increasing day by day, and regularly they use this grammar checker for improvement in their writing or articles.

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How does Grammarly Help Writers and Students?

Professional writers or beginner writers can use this checker to rearrange the sentences. Even students can get help from this checker to rearrange sentences and correct all types of grammatical errors that they have already made in their writing.

correction of all types of grammatical errors

How to Use Grammarly on the Phone for Free [step-by-step]

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about this app, you may follow the steps that I have mentioned below.

πŸ”  Step 1: Go to the Google app and search Grammarly.

πŸ”  Step 2: Install this app and open it.

πŸ”  Step 3: If you don’t have Office Word, then install it on your phone or Android.

πŸ”  Step 4: After installing Office Word, open the Grammarly app.

πŸ”  Step 5: Now start writing something in Office Word, and you will see that this checker is starting to inspect your writing. After that, you will see that this sentence correction app will detect some grammatical errors automatically in your writing.

πŸ”  Step 6: When you decide to fix these grammatical errors, you can also do it by using this app.

After following these steps, I think that you will also be able to use this checker easily. We will also find plagiarism-checking options in this tool. Before using this plagiarism feature, you should read this article, “Grammarly plagiarism checker tool.”

You may also have these questions:

  • How do you use the Grammarly tool on a laptop or Windows?
  • How to use the Grammarly tool in Word on an iPad or Mac?

If you want to use this checker without a mobile device, laptop, or Windows, you need to sign in first. You may need a Grammarly extension so that you can set it to the Google Chrome browser. After that, you will be able to use it in any text or Office Word format for correcting grammar errors.

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My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to say that you can easily use this app in the mobile desktop version to correct any grammatical errors. This system has an automatic detection tool that will help you detect any kind of grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors.
After finding all these errors, it will also suggest a solution with words.

By using these suggested words, you can automatically fix all types of grammatical errors. For professional and academic writing, you may use this checker spontaneously.

Besides, to learn English, you also need to learn about grammatical skills and improve your writing techniques. After using this checker for a long time, I think, you will also write articles or post posts like a professional blogger.

If you are interested in continuing an online blog, you also need to write articles regularly. In this situation, this tool may help you create this type of high-quality article. Besides your professional work, you can also use the paid and free versions of this grammar checker.

When you use the paid version of it, you can access more advanced features that may be necessary for your professional writing. Finally, I want to say that a huge number of writers are using this checker for their writing corrections.

If you still have any confusion about this checker, then you should first try the free version for testing purposes. When you see that this checker is working well for you, you may think of using the Grammarly Premium version to get more features.

I think writing improvement is necessary for all, and you must regularly practice to increase your writing skills if you have writing problems. If you want to quickly develop your writing skills, then this type of tool may be very effective for you.


How do you know if the Grammarly tool is working?

When you write anything on your phone and open this grammar-checking app, you can see that it will automatically detect grammar errors. After that, you will be able to correct all these errors instantly as per your requirements. You will also get some other features in this tool, such as the plagiarism checking option, the punctuation correction, the word counter option, etc.

What to do if the Grammarly tool is not working?

After installing this tool, if you see that it is not working, you may uninstall it. After that, you need to install this tool again and see if it works. After that, if it still doesn’t work, you may clear the browser cache and app cache. You may restart your laptop and see if this tool or app is working or not. If it still doesn’t work, you may contact the support team of the Grammarly website to get extra help with this problem.

Can Grammarly work on Microsoft Office Word?

This tool works in this Microsoft Office Word format, and you can also use the MS Word edit option to correct grammatical errors. Besides, you can directly check your writing on the Grammarly page.

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