Is Namecheap a Good Hosting Site? [3 Cheap Plans]

is namecheap platform a good hosting site

You are thinking of getting very cheap hosting from a popular platform like Namecheap. But you also have confusion and a question: Is this Namecheap platform a good hosting company?

To get a short answer, I want to tell you that this platform is the most reliable, and you can try a plan from here. To know more details about the service of this platform, you need to continue reading.

What is the Main Purpose of Namecheap?

You may also have a question: does the Namecheap platform offer hosting services?
The main purpose of this platform is to provide web hosting services to users. This site has been popular for servicing domains for a long time.

If you want to try to build your first website at a cheap rate, then you may try this platform.

Is Namecheap Registrar a Good Hosting Platform?

You may have questions:

  • Is the Namecheap hosting service cheap?
  • Can you host a professional website on Namecheap?

This place is very popular for registering domains, and you can get top-level domain services from this place. This hosting provider has a huge number of users, so it can offer this service at a very cheap rate.

If you have a budget problem, then you may use a plan on this platform for creating a website. Many users are also using this service for their websites.

Is Namecheap a Legit Platform for Domain and Hosting?

This is a legitimate platform where you can get a domain and other services. This platform has an instant live chat that gives top-level support to users.

Besides, this platform has been popular for many years, and today its popularity is increasing day by day.

Does Namecheap Offer a Fast Hosting Service?

It is a top-rated platform that you may try if you want to look for cheap-rated service at better performance.

Where are Namecheap Hosting Servers (data centers) Located?

Namecheap data center or hosting server locations

  • Phoenix ➡️Arizona ➡️USA
  • Eu
  • UK

If you want a USA hosting server, then you may try this service. Besides, if you are a non-US person, you may also use this plan.

Namecheap Hosting Plans

On this platform, there are different types of plans available according to customer levels. If you are looking for a low budget and better plans, then you may continue reading.

1️⃣ Shared Hosting Plan at Cheap Pricing →for online beginners and small business

If you are new in this online sector and don’t have any knowledge of how to create a website, then you may try this type of shared plan for getting your first website. By using this plan, you may also make a blog site or professional business site at the beginner level.

2️⃣ Namecheap WordPress Hosting at Cheap Pricing→for online beginners, small and large business

This package is very important if you want to start a profitable affiliate marketing website or professional business site. Besides, this package is also preferable to get a huge number of organic visitors from different search engines.

3️⃣ Reseller Hosting →for small business
If you want to start a small business, then you may use this package.

4️⃣ Email Hosting → for online beginners and small business

5️⃣ VPS (Cheap Pricing) and Dedicated plan→ for large business

For continuing large business, you may try these dedicated or VPS plans.

What Happens After You Buy a Domain and a Hosting Plan from Namecheap?

After purchasing a domain and a plan from this platform, you will be able to create a site for your professional use. If you need more help, you may contact us using the chat option to get instant feedback. You may also check Namecheap domain name reviews before purchasing any domain.

Is Namecheap Hosting Service Free?

Any type of paid hosting plan is not free for professional use, and the main important thing is that this type of paid plan is used for creating a professional website. The good news is that you can start this plan at a very cheap rate (check the Namecheap hosting promo code before purchasing).

Does Namecheap Have Cloud Hosting?

On this platform, not all the plans include cloud storage.

In the Stellar business plan, you can use cloud storage to reduce website downtime.

Does Namecheap Hosting Have a Free SSL Service?

On this platform, you will automatically get the SSL installation process for free. Besides, you will also get some other features for free, and you should read these features before purchasing any plan.

Can You Edit Your Website on Namecheap Platform?

Yes, you can edit your site on this platform. If you don’t know the detailed process of how to edit a site, then you can immediately contact the support team for help.

Namecheap Hosting Pros and Cons

# Advantage:

If you are interested in making a site on this platform, then you may read these pros and cons before purchasing a plan.

  • ✅️Cheaper plan
  • ✅️Available 24/7 chat for getting help
  • ✅️No hidden fees
  • ✅️Website for small, medium, and large businesses

# Disadvantage:

  • Need cost to renew domain and plan

How to Buy or Manage Hosting from Namecheap

If you want to create a website from here, then you need to manage a plan. You may follow the below easy steps:

🔷️ Step 1: Go ➡️ Namecheap.

🔷️ Step 2: Click ➡️ “hosting” section.

🔷️ Step 3: Select a plan ➡️ select “datacenter location” ➡️ click “Get started”.

🔷️ Step 4: Select ➡️ “new domain name” ➡️ click “new purchase”.

🔷️ Step 5: Search a new domain from ➡️ search bar ➡️ select your chosen domain.

🔷️ Step 6: Click ➡️ “connect to hosting”.

🔷️ Step 7: click ➡️ “confirm order”.

How Do You Pay for Hosting Services on Namecheap?

There are different types of payment methods that you can try. They are:

  • Credit or debit cards ✅️ (Visa, MasterCard)
  • PayPal
  • AmEx, Discover

Is Namecheap Better than Hostinger and Bluehost?

Namecheap vs Hostinger vs Bluehost

Both three platforms are popular in the online section for creating a website. Hostinger and Bluehost have been servicing hosting plans for a long time.

However domain registration is a common process, and it is important when creating a website. So if you want to register a domain and create a website at a time, then you may try any of these platforms as you wish.

Namecheap Shared (Stellar) Hosting: My Review

For beginners who want to start a new blog or business site at a very cheap rate, this type of package is suitable.

Namecheap Reseller Hosting: My Review

For a small business plan, you may try this plan. For creating a new professional website at the beginner level, you may use this package.

My Viewpoint

If you have read all the questions and answers in this article, then I think you can understand this popular platform. From here, you can register your brand domain, and at the same time, you can also use a plan for your new site.

This place is also a top-rated domain registrar platform, and you can check the positive reviews if you want.

As a beginner, you may use a plan from here to start a new website at a very cheap price. If you have budget problems, then I think this type of reliable place will be suitable for you.

Besides, you can contact their support team at any time if you face any problem with the domain or other services. If you don’t understand anything, you can also get help from the support team.

I think you should also contact the support team of this platform if you want to know more about this type of service.

You can manage multiple domains by using Namecheap domain nameservers (DNS servers), DNS settings, or host records in advanced DNS. At the same time, you can also manage your website from here.

Like other popular platforms (Bluehost and Hostinger), this place also gets lots of users regularly. So if you are interested in using this platform for creating your website, then you should read the guidelines first.

You will get these easy guidelines about domains and websites from this platform. If you are unable to find these guidelines, then you can contact the support team, and they will help you by giving you the required guidelines.

FAQ: Is Namecheap Hosting Good

Are Namecheap Domains and Hosting Secure for All the Time?

First, you need to keep your Namecheap account safe by using a two-factor authentication method. If you want to secure this account more for the domain and website, then you may contact the support team for guidelines.

How Do You Make Your Namecheap Website Secure?

You may add an SSL certificate to your website domain so that https can be added before a domain name. You also need to secure your account, as I have already mentioned. To understand more about the security of a site, you may contact the support team of this platform.

Does Namecheap Hosting Plan Come with WordPress?

You can install WordPress software for managing your newly created website.

Is Namecheap Hosting Plan Good for WordPress Software?

To create a WordPress website, you may use a plan from here. You can also install WordPress for managing the articles as an SEO requirement.

Does Namecheap Charge Monthly or Yearly?

You can pay annually for this plan and domain.

Is Namecheap Platform Good for Email Hosting?

It may be a great option for you if you want this service from this place.

What Happens When the Namecheap Hosting Plan Expires?

If you don’t renew this plan, then your site will not show up online, and users or online customers cannot find your website. So the best way is that you should regularly renew the plans if you want to activate your website.

Is Email Service Free on Namecheap?

When you have a custom domain on this platform, you can also create a custom and business email address by using this domain.

Is Namecheap VPS and Dedicated Plan Good?

These two plans are better than a shared hosting plan because, in a shared plan, limited features are available. When organic traffic is increased on your website, you may switch to a VPS or a dedicated plan for reducing website downtime.

What is the Basic Difference? Namecheap vs Godaddy Hosting

These two platforms provide a domain, but you can get this type of service at a cheap rate from this platform. On the Godaddy platform, you may not get this service at a cheap rate.

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