Are One Character & One Letter Domains Available for Sale?

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are one character and one letter domains available for sale?

You just wanted to know about one character or one letter of the domain name. You also have confusion about the shortest domain name, and you also wanted to know if this type of shortest name is available or not for sale.

You also want to use this type of shortest name on your website for business profit. But the problem is that you don’t know if it is possible or not.

You also don’t know the price range for this type of premium or shortest domain.

To get the answer to all these questions and get a clear idea, you need to read the entire article.

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Domain Extensions: Examples

Domain names have different types of extensions, such as .com,.io,.co,.net,.xyz,.org, etc., and among them, extensions of top-level domains (tld) are .com,.net,.org, etc.

Examples of Domains with Different Extensions:


What is the Shortest (Smallest) Domain Name Online?

There is still the shortest name available, and I have mentioned the shortest name as an example in this article. I also want to say how people find this type of name in the marketplace.

So if you have more interest in knowing this type of shortest name, then you need to continue reading.

single character & single letter domain

What is a Single (One) Character Domain Name?

This type of name needs one typing space (one number or letter).

One-letter domain list: shortest top-level domains

  •, etc.

These types of names have a number or letter, and this is why they are rare and valuable domains. Even this type of name is so valuable that it is not measured only for price.

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What is a Single-Letter Domain Name?

This type of name uses only one space (only one letter). For example,,,, etc. are single-letter names (single-letter top-level domains) with different extensions.

A 1-letter domain and a single-letter second-level domain are valuable because they have targeted traffic.

Do Single-letter Domain Names Exist?

You may also ask:

  • Can a domain be 1 (one) letter?
  • Are one-letter domain names still available?

For example, one popular social media platform that has a single-letter domain, such as (, is also active on Twitter.

Besides, you may get one letter name when it is available with other extensions (.net,.io,.cn, etc.) online.

Why is there no One (1) Letter Domain?

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) reserved these types of short domains in 1993. (Source)

You can see on the internet that most of the shortest names are not used for business purposes.

Is One (1)-letter Domain Worth it?

You may also have a question: how much does a 1-letter domain cost?
According to the different extensions, the price of a one-letter name may vary. For example, ( is more valuable than (

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This type of short name has lots of traffic, and this is the reason why this name has huge value online.

Selling record of some single-character domains: (source)

  • ( sold for $6.784 million.
  • ( sold at $169,000
  • ( sold at $161,800

Here I have tried to share some domain selling records so that you can understand that this type of shortest name can be sold at a huge price.

What is a Two (2)-character Domain Name?

The name that has only two numbers or letters (2 spaces for typing) is called the 2-character domain.
For example:,,, etc.

What is a Two (2) Letter Domain Name?

The name that does not contain any numbers but includes just two letters is called the two-letter domain.
For example:,,, etc.

Do Two (2)-letter Domain Names Exist?

You may also ask:

  • Can a domain have two letters?
  • Are two-letter domain names still available?

Two-letter domains are rarely used for business purposes. Some 2 (two) letter domains are available for sale, and some two-letter names are not available.

These types of names are not more valuable than one-letter names, but two-letter names are not cheap.

Are Two (2) Letter Domains Worth It?

You may also have a question: How much does a two-letter domain cost?

Two-letter names are also valuable because they have a huge amount of online traffic that may be used in any business for profit.

Note: This type of name is also the shortest domain, and this is the reason why the demand for this name is so high.

Do Three (3)-letter Domain Names Exist?

You may also ask:

  • Can a domain be three letters?
  • Are three-letter domain names still available?

Yes, these types of names exist online, but all three-letter names are not available for some reason. They Are:

  1. Some three-letter names are available for sale.
  2. Some are active for business purposes.
  3. Some are taken.

Are Three (3) Letter Domains Worth It?

You may also have a question: how much does a 3-letter domain cost?
This type of three-letter name is also available, and it is also considered the shortest name.

Huge amounts of organic traffic are searching for this type of short name, and this is the reason why most of these types of names have a large audience.

Are all Types of Domain Names Still Valuable?

Yes, quality names with different extensions are still available online. Some of them are sold, and some of them are ready for sale. You can purchase a premium domain online if you want to use it for your website for business purposes.

Are One-Word Domains Still Available?

All one-word names are not available online for some reason, but in rare cases, you can see some one-word names that are active.

Are the Four-letter Domains Still Available?

You may have a question: Are all four (4) letter (.com) domains taken?

Some four-letter names are available for sale, and some four-letter names are used for business purposes.

How Much is a Four-letter Domain Worth?

Some four-letter names are valuable, but the selling price may vary depending on the different types of domains.

Are 2 Letter, 3 Letter, 4 Letter, and 5 Letter (.com) Domains Taken?

You can acquire a one-word name if you want, but the problem is that this type of name is very expensive, and you may need to invest a huge amount to acquire it. Through domain registration or the purchasing process, domain investors collect these types of quality domains.

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My Viewpoint

Overall, I want to say that the shortest name is very expensive, and you may not easily acquire this type of name for your business platform.

So first, you need to prepare your budget plan for acquiring the shortest name for your professional website. I have also shared some notes that you may read to get a clear idea about the 1-letter or 1-character domains.

After reading this writing, you will also understand whether it is possible or not to acquire this type of name. Besides, there are other premium names that you may use for your business purposes if you want.

The price range varies according to the different types of premium names, and you also need to check before purchasing.

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