[12 Steps] Transferring Domain from Godaddy to Bluehost!

how to transfer domain from Godaddy to Bluehost

Are you interested in transferring your Godaddy domain name to a Bluehost account for your website?

But you have some confusion, and you don’t know what to do to move this name to Bluehost. Now you are finding some easy guidelines so that you can easily move your selected name.

In this situation, I think you have come to the right place, and you can also get some basic information and guidelines for moving this name.

At the same time, it would be better if you read some questions about domain transfer to learn more.

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Do You Need to Transfer Domain Name to Bluehost?

You don’t need to move this name to this platform because you can point outside the domain to this platform by using DNS records (nameservers) management. But if you want to move or transfer this name to this place, then you can do this by following some easy steps.

On this platform, domain registration is also available so that users can register a new brand name for their websites.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer or Move a Domain to Bluehost?

This platform will require a 1-year renewal if you want to transfer it to this platform. This renewal fee may vary according to different domain extensions (.com,.net,.io,.co, etc.).

How Long Does It Take to Transfer a Domain Name Out of the Godaddy Platform?

Normally, moving this name takes around five to seven days. You can speed up this transfer if you click the “approve transfer” button from your Godaddy account.

How Can You Speed Up Your Godaddy Domain Transfer to Bluehost?

You will find the “transfer out” section in the Godaddy account. After clicking that section, you will get the domain that you want to move quickly. After clicking the “approved transfer” button, it will be moved quickly.

How to Transfer (Move) Domain from Godaddy to Bluehost

Here I have mentioned the step-by-step guidelines for moving this name to this platform.

⏹️ Step 1: ➡️ Unlock the Godaddy domain.

⏹️ Step 2: ➡️ Collect the epp code (authorization or auth code) of it.

⏹️ Step 3: ➡️ Make sure that the DNSSEC of this domain is disabled.

⏹️ Step 4: ➡️ Go to the Bluehost account.

⏹️ Step 5: Click ➡️ “Domains” section.

⏹️ Step 6: Click ➡️ “Transfer” section.

⏹️ Step 7: Enter or type this domain in ➡️ “select a domain” section and click ➡️ continue.

⏹️ Step 8: Enter the authorization code or EPP code and click ➡️ continue.

⏹️ Step 9: Enter the verification code that you will find in your Bluehost email address and click ➡️ continue.

⏹️ Step 10: Check the domain nameservers, read the privacy policy, and agree on the box (terms of service).

⏹️ Step 11: Click ➡️ “add to cart” button.

⏹️ Step 12: Process ➡️ the payment to continue the transfer.

By following all these steps carefully, you will be able to move your required brand name to the Bluehost account. You can also transfer your domain from Bluehost to Google Domains or other registrars.

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Need step-by-step guidelines to create a Bluehost website?

If you want easy guidelines, then you may read this article, where I have mentioned some easy steps that you may follow to build a new website on this platform. Creating a website is not a tough job, and you can also make a fast site as a beginner by following easy methods.

After creating a website, if you think that you will use this site for blogging purposes, then you need to focus on some basic points (content or article optimization, keyword research, fixing grammar errors, removing duplicate content, etc.) to improve the article quality.

N.B.: If you are not interested in Godaddy web hosting, you want to move your website to Bluehost. You can also transfer your ready-made website to Bluehost if you want. Besides, you can also transfer email from the Godaddy platform to Bluehost.

Want a new domain for free from Bluehost?

You can get a free domain by purchasing a Bluehost hosting plan.

My Viewpoint

Moving this name is not hard work, and you just need to follow step-by-step methods if you want to move your selected name from one registrar to another registrar. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to do this transfer process, you can read this article to get help.

Here, I have mentioned easy step-by-step methods that you may follow for moving your brand name. If you want to know more about the transfer of this name, talk to the support team of your current registrar for easier guidelines.

You can also get help from the support team if you face a problem with the transfer of this name. After moving this name to Bluehost, you can add it to your website easily by using the Bluehost domain manager.

If you have an interest in continuing a blog site with this name, then you need to practice SEO and apply it to your website. If you are thinking of making money from affiliate marketing on your blog site, then you also need to focus on making quality articles by following specific guidelines.

As a beginner, you should focus on getting organic, free traffic from your blog site so that you can make money through affiliate marketing. This is the reason why you need to improve your writing by using a content optimization tool like Semrush.

If you don’t know how to optimize the content or any writing, then you may read my other article, where I have mentioned step-by-step guidelines for improving articles. If you are thinking of making a professional business site with this transferred name, then you can also make it from a Bluehost account.

If you have no time and you also want to design your site, then you can also hire a web developer to design your business site.

FAQ: Transfer Domain Name

What is the 60 Day Transfer Lock Period on Godaddy?

After registering a new brand name, you cannot move it within the first 60 days. After the completion of that period, you can move it to any domain registrar company. But you can push this type of name from one Godaddy account to another account at any time.

Can You Transfer Your Custom Domain from Godaddy Account to Hostinger or Namecheap?

Yes, you can move your custom name to these places by using an authorization code.

Can You Transfer a Domain from One Godaddy Account to Another Godaddy Account?

You can push this name between two different accounts in the same registrar at any time. To push this name, you don’t need to wait for the domain lock period. Domain investors also use this method when they buy or sell this type of name.

Can You Transfer the Domain from the Godaddy Platform to Wix?

Yes, you can. For more details (step-by-step guidelines), you can read the other article.

Can You Transfer Your Domain Name from Godaddy to Squarespace, Cloudflare, or WordPress.com?


Can You Transfer Your Domain from the Godaddy Platform to Another Host?

By using the authentication code, you can also move the Godaddy domain to another registrar.

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