Switching (Transferring) from WordPress to Wix [10 Steps]

transferring from wordpress to wix

Is switching or transferring from WordPress to Wix possible or not? Are you thinking of migrating your website from WordPress to the Wix platform?

You can move your site to Wix by following some steps that I have mentioned in this article.

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Can You Import the Posts of a WordPress Website Into the Wix Platform?

Yes, you can import all the WordPress blog posts to this platform. If you decide to shift all the articles on your website to this platform, then you can do it by following some methods.

In this article, I have shared the guidelines that you may read if you are interested in transferring the posts to this platform.

Can You Host Your WordPress Website on Wix?

If you want to move your entire website to Wix, you need to purchase a Wix hosting plan. After purchasing a plan, you can transfer the total number of WordPress posts to this place.

If you are happy with WordPress hosting, then focus on improving articles for a higher ranking.If you want to migrate website posts from WordPress to this place, then you can follow the below guidelines.

How to Switch or Transfer the Website Articles from WordPress to Wix?

Some steps are given that you may follow:

⚙️ Step 1: Go to Wix and log in.

⚙️ Step 2: ➡️ My Sites ➡️ Create a New Site

create new site
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 3: ➡️ Select the type of website ➡️ Click next

select website type
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 4: ➡️ Enter website name➡️ Click next

enter website name
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 5: ➡️ Select your recommended items ➡️ Click next

select recommended items
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 6: ➡️ Go to Dashboard

go to dashboard
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 7: ➡️ Create Blog Post

create blog post
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 8: ➡️ More Actions ➡️ Import posts

import posts
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 9: ➡️ Choose WordPress

choose wordpress
Image credit: wix.com

⚙️ Step 10: You may select ➡️ “WordPress XML file” or you may choose ➡️ “Site URL”.

select URL or wordpress xml file
Image credit: wix.com

After following these steps, I think you may be able to import WordPress posts to this place. If you want to import blogger posts to this place, you may also do it manually.

Do you want to transfer your domain to Wix?

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How to Transfer Your Domain from a Different Domain Provider to Wix

N.B.: You can’t move your purchased domain to this place if it has a 60-day lock period.

If you don’t know the step-by-step process, then you can read the transfer guidelines with an authorization code.

Some people may have also questions:

By using the authorization code method, you can transfer domains from different registrars to this platform.

Read more: “Use Your Domain with Wix

Is It Free to Transfer Your Outside Domain to Wix?

When you want to move or transfer your domain from a different registrar to this place, you need to pay for one additional year for that domain.

Should You Switch the Posts from WordPress to Wix?

WordPress is a huge content management system (CMS) where you can easily manage all articles or blog posts. In this system, you can do more SEO settings than on other platforms.

If you want to create a blog site with lots of articles, then WordPress will be better for SEO and content management. In Wix, you will also find the option of a Wix blog, and you can create a blog site if you want.

Can You Export or Transfer the Wix website to WordPress?

Yes, you can move this platform’s website to WordPress by using some methods. There are two ways in which you can move Wix sites to WordPress. They are:

1️⃣ Way One: Using the RSS feed

2️⃣ Way Two: Using the plugin

My Viewpoint

In summary, I want to say that you can move your website data from WordPress to this place. You can also move your site from this place to WordPress by using the WordPress migration plugin.

If you get help from a professional to transfer a site, you may give him a migration service charge. If you seriously transfer the site, then you need to follow step-by-step guidelines that you need to know.

If you don’t have any budget problems and you don’t have enough time on your hands, then I think you may try Wix. But if you think that you want to start a blog site and create enough articles, then you need to use the WordPress platform for maintaining articles.

FAQ: Migrate from WordPress to Wix

Can You Transfer Your Godaddy Domain to the Wix Platform?

Yes, you can move your domain from Godaddy registrar to this platform by authorization code. Besides, you can also transfer the Wix domain to another registrar.

Can You Transfer Your Transferred Domain Back to Wix?

If the domain does not have a 60-day lock period, you can move it back to this place.

Can You Import HTML Code to Wix Blog Post?

Yes, you can add HTML code to the blog on the Wix platform. (source)

Can You Install the WordPress CMS System on the Wix Platform?

These two platforms are two different management systems, and you cannot install and use WordPress on this platform.

Which is More Professional: Wix or WordPress?

WordPress has an advanced option to customize the website, and it is preferable for SEO optimization.

On the other hand, the Wix website builder is useful for creating a site quickly. On this platform, there is no advanced option like WordPress. However, users can create a website here without technical knowledge.

Which is More Expensive: WordPress or Wix platform?

In WordPress, users need to have some technical knowledge to customize websites, which is why they can manage their websites at a lower cost than Wix.

Wix templates and the Wix editor option are available for users. Users need to pay more in this place because they can create websites easily.

Should You Use a WordPress-Supported Website or a Website Builder?

If you are in a hurry and you want to create a website easily with a site builder, then you can try Squarespace or the Wix platform. If you have a plan to create a medium or large website with proper SEO optimization, then you may try Hostinger, which supports the WordPress system. The good news is that that popular platform (Hostinger) also has a website builder to create a site easily.

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