Can You Use Your Own Domain with Wix? [3 Methods!]

can you use your domain with wix

You want to build up a website on the Wix platform, but you have a domain name with another registrar.

Now the question is: Can you use your domain name with the Wix platform for free?

Yes, you can, and you can connect this name to this platform by following some specific steps. To know these ways, you need to read this article, where I have shared some methods.

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Why Should You Use the Wix Platform?

In this place, you can create your website for business purposes. If you need to present your business online, then you may try this platform.

Can You Use Wix Website for Free with Your Domain?

You need to buy a Wix plan, and then you will find the option for linking this name. In this post, I have shared three methods that you may try if you want to link the Wix website to this name.

Besides, you can link the Wix website and this name using a redirecting method for free.

Do You Have to Transfer Your Domain to Wix for Connection Wix Website?

For connecting Wix websites, transferring this name to this place is one kind of method. But you can also use other methods (domain pointing and name server changing methods) if you want to use a Wix website with this name.

How to Connect Your Domain to Wix Website (3 methods)?

You can connect your outside domain by following the three ways that I have shared below.

1️⃣ Way One: Connect Your Domain to Wix Website Via Name Server

Step 1: First, you need to go to the Wix platform.

Step 2: Go “domains page”

Step 3: Go here “Add an Existing Domain…” and also go “Connect a domain you already own…”.

Step 4: Choose your site for this name

Step 5: Now you need to go “I own this domain” section

Step 6: Update the nameservers according to the Wix data

Step 7: Go to your account on this platform and click 4 options as their requirement.

Full step-by-step guideline (source).

2️⃣ Way Two: Connect your domain to the website of this place via the pointing method

Step 1: Go to your Wix account

Step 2: “Go to domain option” that you will find in your account

Step 3: Now you need to click the “add an existing domain” button

Step 4: Go here “Connect a domain that you already own…”

Step 5: After that, you need to select your website from this place so that you can connect with this name.

Step 6: Then you need to require to enter this name

Step 7: Click the “I own this domain” option

Step 8: Go to the “Pointing link” to point your domain.

Step 9: Go “switch to pointing a domain instructions”

Step 10: Update the DNS records from your current domain registrar

Step 11: Click the options “I logged in”, “I found my domain settings”, “I found the DNS records” and “I updated my records” options. You will find these options in this place.

Here, a detailed guideline is included.

3️⃣ Way Three: Transfer your domain to Wix and connect it to the Wix website

If you don’t know the transfer process, you can read this article “Transferring a domain to Wix account” where you will get transferring guidelines. After transferring this name to this place, you can link this name to the website from this place.

Want to make a Wix website?

Step-by-step guidelines for this site are given below…

How to Create a Website from Wix?

Step 1: Go to the Wix platform and click the “Get started” button

Step 2: Select the option of what type of website you want to create.

Step 3: Choose a website builder that will help you make a site easily. Wix ADI is a site builder for a beginner who wants to create a website quickly. Wix Editor is also a site builder for experienced people or beginners.

Step 4: Now create website pages (home page, product pages, about us page, contact us page, etc.).

Step 5: After that, design your website from this place.

Step 6: For using a custom domain, select this name.

Step 7: Choose a website hosting package.

If you want to get a free domain with a reliable hosting package, then you may try Hostinger.

My Viewpoint

Overall, I want to say that if you already have this name, then you don’t need to buy a new domain name from this platform for creating a website.

In this case, you just need to follow some specific methods for using this name for a site that I have already mentioned in this article.

Here, I have tried to share some methods that you may try to use in your current domain for creating a website in this place.

Before connecting this name to the website, you should read the guidelines properly from Wix and your current domain registrar.

Besides, you may also directly buy this name from this place and create a new site if you want.


Can You Bring or Transfer Your Domain Name to Wix?

If you have this name on another platform, you can transfer it to this platform by following some easy steps. After that, you can connect that name to the website of this platform for online use.

How to Transfer Your Domain from Squarespace to the Wix Platform?

You can transfer this name from the Squarespace platform to Wix. I have shared step-by-step guidelines in this article (transferring a domain from Squarespace to Wix) that you may read if you are interested.

How to Transfer an Active Domain from Godaddy to Wix Platform?

You can also transfer the Godaddy and Namecheap domains to the Wix platform by following the same method that I have already told you about. If you want to know more guidelines, you can read this article (transferring the Godaddy domain to Wix) for easy understanding.

Read more: “Transferring posts from WordPress to Wix

Is It Required Domain Transfer Cost in Wix?

You will need to transfer costs if you want to move this name to this place.

How Do You Register Your Wix Custom Domain Name?

If you feel that you need this name for your website, you can buy or register a new domain at this place. First, you need to go to the domain page of this platform and click the “buy a domain” option. Then search for this name in the search bar and check if that name is available or not. You should also check the trademark issue for that name. If you don’t know about the trademark issue of your selected domain, you can contact the support team of this platform for help.

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