Web Hosting vs VPS: Which one will be Right for You?

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web hosting vs VPS hosting

Are you thinking about which hosting plan (web hosting vs. VPS) you need to use for your website? You are also confused about purchasing the right plan.

The problem is that you cannot understand the difference between normal and VPS hosting. If you feel that you should know the actual difference between these two topics, then I think you have come to the right article for knowing the answer.

After reading all the writing in this article, you will understand what type of plan you should need to start your website. This is the reason why I have shared some basic points about VPS and normal plans.

First, you should know the meaning of these two types of services.

So continue reading…

What is VPS Website Hosting?

The meaning of VPS is virtual private hosting (it is better than a shared hosting plan). The meaning of VDS (virtual dedicated server) is also similar. (source)

In this plan, a few websites are hosted on a shared plan where you can get dedicated server space.

In a shared plan, a lot of websites are hosted on a single server. Though it is one type of shared hosting, it will provide a separate private server for your website. Different private servers are allocated for different website users.

What is the Common Difference Between Shared (Normal) and VPS Hosting?

Normal hosting is one type of shared hosting where a server is used to serve the websites of different users.

Some people also ask about the difference between VPS and WordPress hosting.

The WordPress plan may be a shared and dedicated service, but its hosting service is not like other professional plans.

On the other hand, a VPS plan is also a shared hosting plan where a personal private server is used for a single user. VPS website service is more expensive than shared service.

Now, I think you have found the answer to this topic: shared web hosting vs. VPS hosting.

What is the Common Difference Between a VPS and a Web Server?

In a shared plan, a single web server transfers data from different users’ websites to the visitors. On the other hand, in a VPS service, a virtual private server transfers a user’s website data to the visitors.

Now, I think you can understand the overall difference: shared vs. VPS vs. dedicated hosting.

What is the Common Difference Between VPS and Dedicated Hosting?

A VPS hosting server is both a shared and dedicated service. On the other hand, website owners do not need to share their server resources with others if they use dedicated services.

I think you have understood the difference (VPS vs. dedicated hosting server).

Is VPS Better Than Normal Web Hosting?

When traffic gradually increases on your website, you need to minimize downtime for it. In normal hosting, a server is used for many users’ sites.

So downtimes may be interested in those sites at any time. In this case, you can use the VPS service to minimize downtime.

VPS vs. Shared Website Hosting Speed

In a VPS service, your website will get better performance and a faster loading time, which may not be possible in a shared service.

VPS vs Cloud: Is VPS Faster than Cloud Hosting?

VPS is a type of shared hosting, but cloud hosting is not shared hosting. In VPS, a specific private server is used for a specific user, whereas a cloud service has multiple servers for a website user.

If one server of the cloud plan gets broken accidentally, then the other server works automatically for that website so that visitors have no problem entering that website.

This is the reason why the cloud has more advanced technology than VPS.

When Should You Choose a VPS Web Hosting?

When visitors increase gradually on your site, you can select this service to get more facilities than a normal shared service.

How Much Does a VPS Server Cost Per Year or Month?

The cost of this server will be more than the cost of a shared hosting server. The price will vary according to the different features that are offered by different hosting providers.

Which Company or Provider Offers the Best VPS Web Hosting?

According to my opinion, the reliable providers are:
✅️ One: Hostinger
✅️ Two: Bluehost
✅️ Three: HostGator

What is the Disadvantage of VPS Hosting?

⚙️ Not easy to set up

Who is the Normal (Shared) Web Hosting For?

  • For the beginners.
  • The website has low and medium traffic.
  • Website owners who have a low budget.
  • Website owners who don’t have technical knowledge.
  • Easy maintenance system.

Best Web Hosting for Beginners

In my opinion, if you are a beginner, you may try a plan from any of these providers. They are:

  • ✅️ Hostinger for shared hosting (my first choice)
  • ✅️ Bluehost (my second choice)

My Viewpoint

Overall, I want to say that you need to know about the specific differences between all the hosting types. In my blog post, I have tried to share the specific differences among them.

If you want to read more, you can read my other articles. I have included some useful information that you may need.

In this article, I have tried to share the specific difference between a normal and a VPS plan. You know that a normal plan is one kind of shared hosting plan.

Here, I have specified why you should use a shared or VPS service. If you have technical knowledge, then VPS may be easy for you.

However, people who are new in this sector may try normal or shared hosting from popular providers. Before purchasing web or reseller hosting, you should check all the facilities of the company.

If you are thinking of establishing a website but don’t have any time in hand, then I think you may try a shared plan that is easy to set up. If you hire a skilled person, then you may use a dedicated server.

Here, I have added some more answers that you may read to get extra information about these plans.

FAQ: Website Hosting vs. VPS

Can a VPS Server be Used for Web Hosting?

Yes, this server may be used for your website hosting because it is one type of private server that has a dedicated resource.

How Many Websites Can You Run on a VPS Web Hosting?

You can set up multiple websites in that space if you want.

How Many Websites Can You Run on Normal Web Hosting?

It depends on the feature plan that you select.

Can You Use a VPS Server on 2 (two) Devices?

Normally, you can’t use this server on multiple devices.

How Long Does It Take for a User to Set Up a VPS Service?

Normally, it takes around 22–30 minutes, and this time may vary. It depends on how expert you are at setting up this setting.

Can You Host Multiple Websites on One VPS Hosting?

Yes, you can host multiple sites on your VPS account.

Is It Hard to Manage a VPS Hosting Account?

If you have technical knowledge, then you may manage this type of plan easily. But I think that if you are a beginner, then you may avoid it.

Why is a VPS Server Better than a Cloud Server?

You can manage VPS of your own choice, and you can install the required software that you need.

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