Will Your Website Go Down During a Domain Transfer? 5 Tips

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Will a website go down during a domain transfer

You are thinking about transferring or moving your domain name, but you also have a question: will your blog website go down during that domain transfer?

Can I transfer the domain name ownership to another person (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, Wix Domain, or another registrar)?

To know the answer to this question, you need to read this article, where I have shared some important notes about this transfer issue.

Does the Domain Transfer Affect Your Email and Personal Website?

Normally, moving this name to a different registrar does not affect your website. Because the Namecheap DNS settings or this setting of other popular registrars does not change during the time of that name transfer.

That means DNS records are transferred with that domain name. If you accidentally change the DNS setting or nameservers of that name, then it may affect your website.

You also need to update MX records in the email setting after that transfer.

Will Your Website Go Down During the Time of a Domain Transfer?

When you move this name from one registrar to another, normally the DNS setting does not change. Besides, you are not changing the hosting space of a website from one place to another.

In this situation, your website won’t go down during that transfer time. After that transfer, you also need to check whether the DNS setting for that name has changed or not.

If you see that the DNS setting is changed, then quickly correct that setting. If you don’t correct that for a long time, your website may go down because of that accident.

People also have a question: What happens to your website when the domain of that website is transferred?

Now, I think that you have the answer to this transfer-related question.

Does Domain Transfer Affect SEO (search engine optimization)?

During the transfer of this name, it may affect SEO if this name is connected to your website. The main reason is that the website URLs may be deindexed during that transfer time.

It will be better to try to transfer that domain name quickly if you can. For a quick transfer, you need to approve it. After the transfer, you also check the settings of the DNS server for that name.

Besides, you may redirect your multiple domains to your single website.

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How do You Transfer Your Domain Name without Website Downtime or Losing SEO?

Before moving this name, you need to talk to the customer care or support team of your current registrar. Tell the support team that the DNS setting of your domain name will be changed or not after the transfer.

If they say that the DNA setting of that name will not be changed, then you may continue these steps ⤵️ to move this name.

  1. ➡️ Unlock your current domain that you need to transfer.
  2. ➡️ Collect the authorization code (you will get this code through email).
  3. ➡️ Start the transfer process.
  4. ➡️ Approve the transfer process for quick transfers.
  5. ➡️ After completing the transfer, check the DNS setting and correct that setting quickly if you see any changes.

If you want to move your name, the question below may arise in your mind.
How do you transfer domain ownership to another registrar of another person?

The Answer: You may follow the transfer process with the authorization code that I have already told you.

How to Change Your Domain Without Losing SEO and Website Traffic?

  • ✅️ Collect a clean (fresh) domain and check the history of it from the “internet archive way back machine” (https://archive.org/web/).
    Check the previous history of that domain name and inspect whether that name is used with the related articles or not. If it has been used as spammy (no authority, low-quality backlink, etc.) at a previous time, then avoid that type of name.
  • ✅️ Check whether the backlinks come from high domain authority (DA) sites or not.
  • ✅️ After checking all the issues, select your chosen name.
  • ✅️ Connect that name to your current website.
  • ✅️ You need to tell the Google search console that you have changed this name.

Besides, there are some more steps (source) that you need to know if you seriously change your current name.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to say that you need to know some basic information before moving your brand name so that you may stop the downtime of your site. In this article, I have shared how to move this name without SEO issues.

You may read it if you don’t have any knowledge about it. You may also change your current hosting plan if required.

This is the reason why you may find a reliable hosting plan for avoiding downtime issues. You may try Hostinger, Bluehost, or Squarespace because these platforms are popular now.

Besides, you may also use WordPress or Wix websites if you are interested in starting a new project (business with a website). There may be downtime in your site during the change of the hosting plan, and you need to focus on this type of problem.

If you change your current hosting plan for your site, you need to make this change quickly.

To avoid downtime issues, you may set your site to the Cloudflare service. If your website has heavy traffic, then I think you need to select a cloud hosting plan to avoid downtime issues.

This type of service plan will provide bandwidth as a requirement for website traffic. This type of service is more expensive than a shared hosting plan.

Overall, I think that you should select a reliable hosting plan and keep your website for a long time. Try to avoid the transfer of your website for a long time if possible.

If you want to focus on SEO, you can read my other articles, where I have shared some useful techniques that you may follow to improve the SEO of your site. I have included a FAQ (question and answer) section that you may read.

FAQ: Will the Website go down during Domain Transfer

Will Domain Transfer Cause Downtime in GoDaddy?

You may see some downtime if the nameservers of this name are changed in Godaddy. After moving that name, check it quickly and change the setting of that name server if you see that the DNS setting is changed.

Why Shouldn’t You Change the URL of a Website Page for SEO?

You should not change the old URL of any pages because you may face index problems for the new URLs. If you change the old URL of your website, then it will take some time to index the new URL. At the same time, you should also delete all old URLs from the Google search console so that the new URLs can be easily indexed.

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