What should My First Blog Post be About? [1 Reliable Idea!]

what should your first blog post be about

After creating a blog site with a reliable hosting company, you are now thinking of publishing articles.

But the problem is that you are a beginner on this writing platform. So you don’t know how to start your blogging journey.

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You also need to know the answer to this question: What should your first blog post be about?

To know more details about the first content, you may read this entire article.

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What Should Your First Blog Post Be About?

After creating a site, you need to prepare to publish blog posts (articles). First, you should prepare the “about me”, “privacy policy”, “disclaimer”, and “affiliate disclosure” pages and publish them on your site.

If you don’t understand these pages, you can check the “blog post examples” on this website for help. After publishing all these pages, you should be ready to prepare your first content.

Now the question is: what type of article should you publish first? It depends on your selected blog topic.

For example, when I created my site (mrbrandweb.com), I thought that the first topic of an article should be an informational post about the internet. So I have prepared some content about web server hosting, etc.

You can also understand what topics you should publish first, according to the selected topic that matches your site.

Some people also have a question: What should you start your blog about?

information related blog posts or articles

I think you should prepare your first post about information-related blog posts according to your website topic. A new website should have informational-related content to get positive feedback from SEO or Google.

For more help, you may check the first blog posts of other famous bloggers.

How to Introduce Yourself in Your First Blog with Example

You need to create an “about me” page to introduce yourself because, when a reader comes to your site, he may want to know about you. This is the reason why you should share about your online activities so that online visitors can understand you. For example, in the writing sample, you may see my “about me” page on this website.

How do You Make or Write Your First Blog Post on WordPress?

After creating a site, you may see these words: “Welcome to your first blog post”.
So you need to prepare to publish your first unique article on your new site.

  1. ✅️ After choosing a topic, you need to prepare a low-competitive title for an article. If you can find this type of title for your article, then this content will be ahead in Google ranking. Now the question is: how do you find these types of low-competitive titles for your article?
    Answer: There is also an easy solution that many people are using professionally. They are using a reliable SEO tool like Semrush to find a list of article titles. After creating an account with this tool, you first need to go to the keyword magic tool section. Then, you need to enter your website topic in the search option to find a huge list of low-competitive keywords that you may use in your blog titles.
  2. ✅️ After collecting all the related keywords, you can also use some keywords in your content as subtitles.
  3. ✅️ Now write some headlines and subheadlines according to the list of keywords that you will find in the Semrush tool. After that, answer all these headlines and subheadlines to extend your content.
  4. ✅️ After explaining your writing (content), you can add a summary or viewpoint in the last portion of your first article.
  5. ✅️ Finally, you may add some questions and answers (FAQ section) at the end of your article or post. For more understanding, you can check out the “writing structure example” on my website.

N.B.: While writing the informational articles, you should not use the “call to action” button. You can link other informational website pages to your new content so that readers can know more.

What Should You Avoid in Your Blog Post?

1. 🔡 Grammar Mistake

When a reader reads your content, he may find grammar errors, and he will escape your article and go to another website. Then your website will receive a bad impact from Google and other search engines. To avoid grammar mistakes, you may use the Grammarly tool (a free version is available).

2. 🔗 Not Doing Internal Linking

Internal linking is also an important part of SEO, and you should do this activity in your posts. You should link other blog URLs to your new content so that online visitors can go to other sites to learn more.

3. 📃 Not Optimizing Content

If your article is not well optimized, then this site will not get a higher ranking on Google. This is the reason why if the content doesn’t get ranked on the top page of Google, then no organic visitors will come to that article. Article optimization is a lengthy process, but you can minimize the time by using a Semrush tool.

4. 🔤 Not Using Low Competitive Keywords

Many people make the same mistake in their new articles: they are not using low-competitive keywords in those articles. Using these types of keywords is important for reducing high competition on Google websites. The keyword magic tool (Semrush) can help you find these types of keywords so that you can attach them to your site.

5. 🔎 Not Checking Plagiarism

Copying other content or writing is not a good task for a blogger or any other person. You should check for duplicate content or plagiarism by using a plagiarism checker (free or paid tool).

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My Viewpoint

Before publishing your first content, you need to create some pages that I have already mentioned in this article. Creating these types of pages is also important for your site.

For example, if you don’t publish an “about me” page, readers will not get information about the authority of the site. A privacy policy and disclaimer page are also needed on a website.

So create this type of mandatory page that I have already mentioned in this article. After that, you think about your first content for publishing on your site.

FAQ: What should Your First Article (Blog Post) be about

How Often Should a Beginner or New Blogger Post?

You can publish articles daily if you have the capacity. You can also publish three to four articles in a week, or you can publish more than three articles in a week. The main issue is that you should maintain the regularity of publishing posts for SEO issues.

If in one month you publish a huge number of posts and in the next two or three months you will not publish any posts, this is not a good sign for SEO. The better way is for you to maintain a specific time frame when publishing your new articles to continue blogging regularly.

How Long Should Your First Blog Post Be?

It will be better if your post is not below 1000 words. If a new post is bigger than 2000 words, it will be better because readers or traffic can find more information in that post. After that, happy readers will stay longer with your article to learn more information. If Google and SEO notice that readers are spending more time regularly on your article, then this site may have a chance to get a higher ranking.

What Does a Good or Quality Blog Look Like?

When readers are satisfied and get answers to their questions from reading an article, then that post is considered a quality blog. This type of quality content also includes lots of information and no grammar mistakes.

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