Who Sells Domain Names? [Top Domain Registrar List]

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who sells domains

If you want to know about reliable domain providers, I think this blog post is the right place for you to get important notes.

You may have a question: who sells web domain names?

After reading this article, you will get the answer, and you will also know important notes about this type of name.

You want to register a new name, but you don’t understand where you need to go to collect your domain for your website.

Here, I have attached some domain registration companies where you can register your new name.

If you want to know more details about selling the domain name, you need to read the full text of this post.

So don’t skip…

Who Sells Web Domain Names in the Online Sector?

Normally, domain registrar companies sell available names. There are many companies available that sell premium and new names.

You may have a question: Where should you purchase or buy your domain or web name?

Here, I have given some examples of popular and top name-selling websites (list of domain name registrars):

1. ✅️ Namecheap – a reliable and popular registrar company. New users can get the names at a low cost (cheapest domain name registration). best and most reliable registrar for small and big businesses.

2. ✅️ Godaddy domain registrar (also popular)—Godaddy privacy protection system. You need to go to the Godaddy domain buying page and selling auction place.

3. ✅️ Namesilo

After registering the Namecheap domain or other brand names, you should also manage the SSL certificate for them.

You may also find a company that offers a free domain name with the purchase of their hosting service.

Premium and best names may be resold if domain buyers like those names, and this is the reason why domain investors also sell premium names. Domain investment may also be a company or personal business.

When a person gives time in this sector and sells a few names, he is also known as a domainer or domain flipper. His main work is buying names from auctions and selling a few of them to the end-user or other domain investors.

How to Buy New Domain Names Online?

First, you need to go to any domain registration company (Namecheap, namesilo, etc.) to buy the available name that you like. You should also check the trademark issue for your selected name. After checking all the things, you can purchase your selected name from that place.

Who Buys Premium Domain Names from the Internet?

Buyers (domain investors) or end users buy premium names from the marketplace. Besides, people want to make new websites and also buy premium names for their sites.

What is Domain Flipping (Buying and Selling) in the Online Sector?

It is one kind of practice of buying a name at a cheap price and selling it at a profitable price to another name investor or end user. This kind of practice is called domain flipping, and the person who practices this system is also called a domain name flipper or domainer.

How Does Domain Flipping Work in the Online Sector?

Any company or person collects some names at wholesale prices and holds these names for a long time. That investor lists all the names in the domain marketplace or aftermarket (afternic, flippa, sedo, etc.).

The Flippa platform also sells these types of names and websites. Aftermarketplace is a secondary place where domains are listed for sale.

If any end user is interested in any name from the marketplace, then that name may be sold at a low profit. Sometimes, domainers buy some names at low prices and quickly sell them at wholesale prices at auction with little profit.

When a domainer waits for a long time (limitless time), he may get a chance to create a high profit from selling any name. On the other hand, some domainers sell a few names quickly in public auctions with little profit.

This is how the domain business works, from the domainer to the end user.

Is It Hard to Flip Domains Via Online?

Flipping this type of name is not an easy task, and you need to be a professional in this sector. The system is like flipping a house or land.

If you have patience, hardworking capability, and knowledge about these names, then you may think about investing in this sector. All the people don’t get success in this business sector, but few people continue these businesses with few profits.

Is Domain Name Buying and Selling Profitable?

You may be curious to know the answer to this question: Can you make money quickly by selling domain names?

Buying and selling these types of names is not profitable for all because only a few investors survive in this business.

Investment in this type of name is a long-term process where you cannot think of making money quickly.

How Much Do Domain Flippers or Domainers Make?

According to the expertise of some people, they can make some profit. But the real truth is that most domainers cannot make a profit in this sector because of a lack of patience, knowledge, and experience.

You can learn more details about domain sales reports from NamePros (source).

Where Should You Sell Your Domain Name?

If you don’t want to use your purchase name and you want to sell it, you can list this name on the marketplace. If any buyer shows interest in your name and your listing price, then that name might be sold.

But there is no guarantee that you can sell your name. This is the reason why few investors invest in huge amounts of names and list them in the aftermarkets or domain markets.

You may also list your name below the marketplaces if you want.

  • 1️⃣ Afternic.com
  • 2️⃣ Sedo.com

You also may have a question in your mind: how do you sell your collected name quickly?

You can also list your name in the domain auction marketplace. Because the auction is a reliable way to sell quality names at wholesale prices quickly.

If you have good luck and your name has quality, then your name will also be sold. But I cannot guarantee that your name will be sold.

Can You Buy a New Domain Name Without Hosting?

Yes, you can register a name without a hosting plan.

How can You be a Premium Domain Seller?

You may list your purchased names on the domain Marketplaces or Aftermarkets.

What is a Domain Reseller in the Online Sector?

A domain reseller can sell his purchased name to another end user or investor who likes that name and agrees to payment. Domain resale value may be different for various conditions.

My Viewpoint

In summary, I will also tell you that you need to set up domain privacy protection after purchasing your new name. I think you should know the details (hyphen in domain name, buying a domain meaning) of this type of name before purchasing.

If you have a plan to make a website without a domain, then it is not possible for you. You, of course, need to connect a website with a custom domain for the presence of the online sector.

This is the reason why you need to manage this type of name if you want to prepare a personal site.

My suggestion is that you should buy a cloud hosting plan from a popular hosting provider to get facilities.

Here, I have attached some selling information about this type of name in this article that you may read if you want to know more about domaining.

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