1 Best WordPress Practice Site for Free! [without Domain!]

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WordPress practice site for free

Do you want to practice your blogging on a WordPress website? I think for practicing SEO and blogging, the better option will be WordPress, where you can easily practice regularly.

How do you do that?

You can easily use this platform for your blogging purposes as a beginner. If you are interested in starting blogging right now, then you need to read this entire article.

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Can You Learn WordPress in Your Practice?

If you are a beginner, you can practice blogging on a website without helping others. You just need to follow the step-by-step guidelines that I have already mentioned in this article.

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How do You learn WordPress Basics for Free as a Beginner?

You can learn WordPress (CMS) ideas from W3Schools for free.

Source: https://www.w3schools.com/

Here you will find tutorials, coding practices, WordPress development practices, etc. If you need the WordPress online test, you can get useful information about it from this platform.

Can You Practice on a WordPress Website?

If you are a newbie, then you can easily practice using this type of website online. As a WordPress practice project, you can use this platform.

On this platform, you don’t need extra skills and you just need some basic guidelines. If you purchase a paid hosting plan, domain, and practice for your website, it will be better for you to increase the expertise of your professional blogging.

How to Practice Managing a WordPress Website for Free

Here I have mentioned some basic steps that you may follow to start blogging on a website.

⏹️ Step 1: Go to this reliable hosting platform (Hostinger) and create a WordPress site by following the step-by-step guidelines.

N.B.: You may use other popular hosting platforms as a newbie.

⏹️ Step 2: In the internet browser, type your domain name with wp-admin for WordPress login, for example: (yourdomain.com/wp-admin).

⏹️ Step 3: Enter the email and password that you used when creating a website.

N.B.: WordPress website templates (themes) are available on this platform, and you can choose any one from them.

⏹️ Step 4: Go to posts and add a new post.

⏹️ Step 5: Write the blog title in the “add title” section. Write an article in the article body section and enter the “publish” button.

⏹️ Step 6: You can also create a new page by clicking ➡️ pages ➡️ “add new page” section.

After following all these steps (above), I want to say that you may use this platform as a WordPress practice website, setup, and exam.

Can you practice on a WordPress website without a domain?

Some people also have a question: how to use this platform without a domain name?

Yes, you can create a site without purchasing a custom domain, which I have already mentioned with step-by-step guidelines (below). On this platform, you don’t need to install WordPress software, and you can use it without purchasing a custom domain.

Best Practices for WordPress Security with Plugins

On the paid platform, you can add security plugins for your website. Besides, you can also add your website to the free CloudFlare service for an SSL certificate.

Besides, you should also implement other security implementations on the site to increase security.

N.B.: With free WordPress, you will not get full access to maintain your site. You also cannot add more security to this type of free site. This is the reason why you cannot use this type of site for professional purposes. So the best way is to use a professional-paid site to start your blogging at a beginner level.

How to Practice a WordPress Site without a Paid Hosting Plan

If you don’t want to start a professional website and you also need practice on the site without a domain and a paid hosting plan, then you can also do it.

⏹️ Step 1: Go to WordPress (source) and click the “start with free” button.

⏹️ Step 2: Now sign up by entering your email and password.

⏹️ Step 3: Type a domain name for your free site.

⏹️ Step 4: Click the “Select” option for a free domain.

⏹️ Step 5: Click ➡️ “Start with a Free Site,” and now your free site will be ready for use.

⏹️ Step 6: Now you can create a new post and a new page in this section (how to create a new page and site that I already mentioned above in this article).

N.B.: WordPress website examples are available in the Google search engine, and you can get ideas about blogging by clicking any site from this place.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to say that you may use both a free and paid site for your blogging practice. But the important thing is that you cannot use your free site for professional purposes.

This is the reason why the best way is to choose a professional and paid site for practising. After some time, you may see the site grow if you can implement SEO techniques properly.

If you can grow your site, then you can also do affiliate marketing by using free organic traffic. I want to say that you can create websites with different hosting providers.

For example, the popular hosting providers are Hostinger (my first choice), Bluehost, etc.
Besides, you can also use your WordPress site on AWS (Amazon) too.

During practice, you also need to focus on learning keyword research and content optimization. You also need to practice writing quality articles so that you can grow your new blog site easily.

FAQs: WordPress Practice

How do you get access to WordPress admin without a domain name?

You need to create a free site if you want to get access without a domain.

Is WordPress the best for SEO practices?

This site is reliable and preferable for Google and other search engines. This is the reason why you can also easily manage your articles according to SEO rules by using this platform.

Is the WordPress plugin best for SEO practices?

I think you can use this website to practice your blogging site at a very early level. During practice, you can also understand the SEO plugin and its implementation.

Can you use the WordPress website offline?

By using a local version, you can use your site offline.

Can you use your custom domain with WordPress for free?

If you have already purchased a custom domain, then you can also add it to your free site.

Can you install WordPress software on your site without a domain?

You need a domain name before installing this software on your site because, when your website is visible online, it needs a domain name.

Where can you test your new WordPress site?

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to check your newly created site, then I will tell you that you should use the Chrome browser to get an instant result. Besides, you may also use the Mozilla or Opera browsers if you want.

How do you test your new WordPress blog site before it goes live?

After adding your content to a blog post, you need to click the “Save as Draft” option. After that, you will find the preview option that you need to click to view your new blog post before going live. When you click the “publish” button, your blog post or article goes live, and everybody can see and read it.

How do you use the WordPress.org platform without hosting?

This platform is for plugins, and you can collect WordPress plugins as required. So this place is not for hosting, and you just need to go to this platform and collect plugins.

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