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Md Mazharul Islam

Hi, I am Md Mazharul Islam. I am a technical SEO analyst and a blogger. I have launched this blog (Mr Brand Web).

This blog site is about blogging, SEO (search engine optimization), organic traffic, affiliate programs, website hosting, domain etc.

At the starting level, I have also suffered from starting a blog. After doing hard work now I understand that there need to be some rules for sustaining this sector.

Now, I have decided to share some useful tips and technical methods with you who are interested in continuing in this blogging sector.

If you are thinking of growing your business then I think organic website traffic is important.

Here, I have shared some important notes about the website, domain name, organic traffic etc.

This is a blog site for new starters and experts who want to get information about organic traffic.

Here, I have shared some technical methods that may be useful for them.

I have also shared some related technical information that may be required of you when you are continuing to build your brand by website.

The purpose of this blog site is to help people who are interested in increasing their business growth with organic traffic.

In my blogging career, I have understood that finding the exact keyword is the main task to get organic visitors for a branding site.

If you have quality content but you don’t set good keywords, you may face problems getting organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

This is the reason why I have suggested a few keyword tools so that you can easily find targeted keywords for your website.

Besides, making quality content or articles is also important for ranking in Google search results. This is the reason why I have shared my opinion that you may need to create better content. Because the real truth is that Google loves quality content.

In my experience, only Google sends organic traffic to blog sites or websites which have targeted keywords and quality contents (articles).

You also need to control keyword density when you create an article. If you are an article writer you need to know this topic before writing any article.

I am continuing this blog site (Mr Brand Web) and adding more information. This is the reason why you may get more data from this blog in future.

Who’s Md Mazharul Islam?

I am a technical SEO analyst. After completing my BSc engineering degree in technical subject, I decided to work on the Internet to grow my brand as an entrepreneur.

I like online technology because in this sector you can spread your thinking and business information to the maximum number of people in a short time.

Even when you sleep, your branding advertisement continues. Besides, you can easily handle entrepreneurship by using online technology.

My Projects

  1. Mr Brand Web (name of this website)
  2. Mr Sound Noise: This is my other project and you may go to this project if you want to know more about me.

In the future, I may start some more projects. Because I have understood that organic traffic can play a vital role in a project.

Professional business owners can also benefit from organic traffic because this type of real visitors may grow their profit.

Connect with Md Mazharul Islam

I am available on my social platforms and you may join if you want.