Privacy Policy

This privacy policy makes you understand how Mr Brand Web uses the data that you provide to us while visiting

We also protect the information that you provide on this website.

We have the right to update the policy at any time. If you are sure that the information is up to date with the latest update, then we advise you to visit any post on this site.

What Data that We Collect from User

We may pick up the below information when you visit this website:

  1. Your IP (Internet Protocol) address or log files (computer’s address, browser type, browser version, pages visited, date and time of visit, number of visits).
  2. Your name, email address, or contact information.
  3. Other information you may choose as requirements, interests, and preferences during registration and contact.
  4. The message you send us.
  5. Data profile of your online activities or behavior on our site.

Why do We Collect Data from the User

We collect user data for many reasons. Such as:

  1. To understand your actual needs.
  2. For improving or updating our service or product or information.
  3. We may send promotional emails with actual information to help you.
  4. We may also contact you to participate in other market research or to fill out related surveys.
  5. By using your behavior on our site, we will be able to customize, improve, expand, operate and maintain our website quickly.
  6. We will be able to develop our service with the help of user data.
  7. We will be able to prevent and find fraud.

Securing the Data

MrBrandWeb is committed to securing user data and keeping this information confidential.

We ensure or assure that your information will not be revealed or disclosed to authorities and state institutions except if required by law and other regulations.

But at this time, we all know that no form of protection is ideal or perfect. So we always try our best to save user data by checking security.

Cookie Policy

If you agree to use our website cookies, it collects information about your online activities or behavior (most spending time on the webpage, analyzing web traffic, visiting count, etc.) on our site.

By agreeing to allow cookies, you also allow the cookies to collect your information.

The cookies are used to collect required data so that we can customize or develop our site according to your needs.

Cookies are strictly worked on your monitor and find which page you like most and not.

By helping with this information we get a better experience from you and understand what updates are needed for our site.

If you don’t want to use cookies, you can disable the cookie setting from your internet browser. Normally cookie setting is available in most internet browsers.

Links to other Websites may be Added to this Site

Our website contains links to other sites so that you can get actual information.

By clicking these links [name], you will go to other sites.

After visiting those websites, it is not governed by this agreement of the privacy policy.

Restriction of the Collection of User Personal Data

You may be able to restrict the collection of your full personal information. When you fill out the form on our site, you can leave some optional boxes.

You can make these optional boxes uncheck. Then you don’t need to fill up the extra information in those optional boxes.

MrBrandWeb will not distribute, sell or lease your personal information to other third parties unless we have your agreement or permission. If the law forces us, we may do it.

If you agree to this policy, we may use your information during sending promotional materials to you.

Change of this Privacy Policy

Most of the section of this policy doesn’t need to change, although we may change some data from time to time.

We encourage page readers to frequently check the updated privacy policy. After changing any information, the user can immediately read it spontaneously.

Contact us

If you have other issues, then you can contact us.