Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners [Tips] PDF

affiliate marketing for beginners

Are you thinking of creating a new website and want to know step-by-step affiliate marketing methods for beginners? Don’t you have enough knowledge about this marketing policy?

If you have time in hand and are seriously ready to start this marketing as a beginner, then you may read this entire article.

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How It Works?

Suppose the product seller is a first party and the customer is a second party. When a third party provides some customers to that product seller, that third party gets a commission if any customer buys any product from the seller.

The system for getting this commission is called affiliate marketing. Now, the question is: how do you supply customers to the product seller?

In the online section, if you have a huge number of organic visitors to your website, you can drive these visitors to the specific products of other popular product sellers.

So you can understand that the main key factor is a website with organic traffic.

Do you have any confusion about organic traffic?

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Normally, there are two kinds of website visitors or traffic online. They are:

  1. ✅️ Paid Traffic: Some people manage online visitors by advertising. This type of advertising requires a certain amount of money.
  2. ✅️ Organic Traffic: Targeted online visitors automatically visit your website through search engines; these types of automatic visitors are called organic traffic.

You don’t need advertising to get these types of visitors. If you have well-optimised, quality articles or content and good authority, then you may get this type of free target traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

This type of free targeted traffic is called organic traffic, which is especially needed in this type of marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It for the Beginners for Passive Income?

Not all beginners can succeed in this sector because they may not work hard and don’t put in enough effort. If any person can find out how to get organic traffic from search engines, then he may expect to start this marketing.

If you are ready to put in hard work with patience, then you can start this project as a beginner. You may use a business plan template, but there is no guarantee that you can earn a huge amount from this marketing.

It is very tough to get proven steps to reach six-figure earnings from the affiliate program but you can learn more ideas on how to become successful in the sector.

If all people get success in this sector, then poor people will not be available in this world. I think you can understand my point, and this is the reason why you need to prepare yourself to become an expert in this sector so that you can continue this marketing.

After reading all these points, if you think that you are ready to start this marketing, then you should continue this article.

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard or Difficult for the Beginners?

You need to put in hard work to do the tasks for this marketing. The reason is that you need to create your website (niche site), manage unique articles, do proper SEO, etc.

For getting organic visitors from the internet, you also need a specific budget for creating affiliate websites.

If you don’t get real and targeted visitors to your website, then I think this digital marketing is not for you.

Is It Too Late for You to Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you think that you are a hard worker, you have the patience to start this marketing, and you have time in your hands, then I think you may start today.

Remember that not all affiliate marketers can be successful because of their lack of expertise and patience.

That is the reason why, at first, you should prepare yourself to become an expert in this sector, and then you should think about the success of this type of marketing.

What Should You Know Before Starting an Account of Affiliate Marketing?

Here, I have given two points that you need to read with concentration before opening an affiliate account.

  • 📖 Don’t stop affiliate learning.
  • 🕗 Set a target to create an authority blog site that has targeted organic visitors or traffic.

What are the Types of Affiliate Marketing that You Need to Know?

Normally, there are two types of marketing. They are:

  1. 🔵 Paid Traffic Method: You may need lots of money to manage paid traffic.
  2. 🔵 Organic Traffic Method: This is the best way to do this marketing, and this type of free traffic comes from the Google search engine.

In this article, I have tried to share step-by-step guidelines about online marketing through organic free traffic. If you are a beginner and serious about starting this business, then you may read this total guideline with patience.

How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing with Organic Traffic

If you have a serious interest in this marketing and you have set your mind that you should start it now, then you may follow the below steps that may be helpful for you.

1️⃣ Step One: Select Niche

selecting niche for a website
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Choose what topic or niche your new website will be about. Don’t choose a topic quickly, think and take time. To find a low-competitive niche, you will get help from the Semrush tool, which has a free trial.

2️⃣ Step Two: Buy domain and hosting for Creating a website

Now you need to create a niche site (a website with a specific topic or category). To create your site, you need to purchase a domain and a hosting plan.

Want to know about domains and hosting?

Domain: It is the address name of a total website or blog site. For example, the address of this website is “” which is called a domain.

Hosting: It is a web space where you can keep your website files. You need to purchase the space for keeping your website file. This type of virtual space is called hosting, and you also purchase a hosting plan for your site.

free domain with hosting plan purchase
Image credit: Hostinger

➡️ If you want to purchase a hosting plan with a free domain, then you can try this popular and reliable hosting provider company, where you can create your website.

If you don’t have any idea how to make a website and you need a step-by-step guideline, then you may read my other article.

After making a website, you need to create unique articles or blog posts for your new website. Before creating articles, you need to select targeted keywords for the articles.

3️⃣ Step Three: Select keywords for articles or posts

Before selecting keywords, you first need to know what they are.

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What is the keyword and its function?

As a beginner, you may not know what a keyword is or what the relationship is between an article and a keyword.

what is a keyword and it's function
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Here, I have shared an image so that you can easily understand what the function of the keyword is.

You need to find low-competition keywords and use these keywords in the articles on your site. For searching this type of keyword, you may use a keyword research tool (most people are using this popular and reliable tool – open Semrush free account to find keywords).

So you need to research properly to find the right keywords for your articles. Add the keyword to the post title and post. If your research is not proper, then your articles will not rank in Google or other search engines.

As a result, you cannot get organic traffic to your website. So I want to say that your keyword research is important, and you need to take it seriously.

4️⃣ Step Four: Write Unique Articles or Posts

Confused about the unique article?

The writing text that is not copied from others’ writing, articles, or blogs is called unique writing or unique article.

You should write unique articles or blog posts on the subject that you need to know about.

5️⃣ Step Five: Optimize and Improve the Quality of Your Article

You should include sufficient data so that readers can find all the things in your content. It will be better if you can add the data that cannot be found on the internet. For optimizing your content, you may get help from or

Add a lot of questions with answers to your content so that readers can find the answers to their questions easily. To find enough questions easily, you can go “answer the public” (source).

6️⃣ Step Six: Check the plagiarism of the written article

You should remember one thing: don’t copy and paste other writing in your article. If you copy something from another article and paste it into your article, Google and other search engines will not allow it.

As a result, your content (the article) will not be indexed by Google and other search engines. That is why organic visitors cannot find your website page on the internet.

After writing, you should check for plagiarism or duplicate content in your article. You can use a free or paid plagiarism detection tool to find duplicate content (duplicate sentences).

If you have this problem, you can use these free tools for detecting duplicate writing. They are:

  • Free plagiarism checker tool (small SEO tools) (source)
  • Dupli Checker (free tool)

In the free tool, you can check up to 1000 words per search. Because they have word limitations per search in the free version.

If you have an article that has more than 1000 words, then you need to use these free tools multiple times. If you don’t have a budget problem, you may use a paid plagiarism checker tool.

7️⃣ Step Seven: Correct the grammar of your writing

After completing your content, you need to correct all types of grammar in this article.

grammarly for the correction of grammatical errors

You may use Grammarly to correct grammatical errors. It will be better if you use a Grammarly premium plan for more writing improvements.

8️⃣ Step Eight: Decrease keyword density

Have you heard anything about keyword density before?
Any word or phrase may appear repeatedly in an article or blog post. When the appearance of that specific word in an article is in excess, it is called a high-density keyword.

On the other hand, if the appearance of that specific word in an article is less, then it is called a low-density keyword.

decreasing keyword density
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It will be better if you maintain the keyword density at 1% or below. For correction of the high-density keyword, you may get help from “apptweak”. (source)

9️⃣ Step Nine: Publish articles

Now is the time to publish all your articles on your site. Before doing that you need to interlink all of your articles.

🔟 Step Ten: Connect your website to the Google search console

It will be better if you connect your current website to the Google search console. In that place, you can submit the URL of the website. Besides, you can also know the update of Google Core web vitals that informs you to correct some problems of your website.

1️⃣1️⃣ Step Eleven: Index Page URL

After publishing your writing, you need to submit the article URL for a quick index in the Google search engine. You can use the Google search for the submission of all the URLs of the articles.

1️⃣2️⃣ Step Twelve: Connect your website to Google Analytics

If you want to track a visitor’s appearance on your website, you need to connect it to Google Analytics. In this place, you can monitor the daily organic traffic that will come to your site.

1️⃣3️⃣ Step Thirteen: Continue Article Publishing

Don’t stop after writing a few articles because you need to continue publishing articles online for your regular online presence. Search engines love this type of article writer who regularly publishes articles on their website.

1️⃣4️⃣ Step Fourteen: Apply for an Affiliate Account

After doing all the things properly, if you see that enough organic traffic comes to your site, you may decide to create an affiliate account.

1️⃣5️⃣ Step Fifteen: Create an affiliate link

Choose any popular affiliate platform (Amazon, Walmart, hosting affiliates, etc.).

1️⃣6️⃣ Step Sixteen: Add an affiliate link to your website

After creating affiliate links, you need to add those links to your website as necessary.

Are you still searching for affiliate marketing ebooks for beginners with free PDF copies?

I think you can find most information on the internet, but if you still need a PDF book, you may collect it from the popular ebook marketplace.

Someone also searches for these terms:

  • Secrets of actual affiliate marketing training: PDF copy
  • How to make money with proper affiliate marketing: PDF copy
  • Full affiliate marketing presentation with guidelines: PDF copy

Don’t depend on PDF copies of affiliate marketing plans and business plans. You should learn more and more about this platform to become an expert.

If you have time, you can find maximum knowledge on the internet. Besides, you may follow the specific steps that I have already shared in this post.

What are the Main Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing?

The main disadvantage of this digital marketing is that all people cannot get success from this marketing strategy. You need to create your techniques for continuing this affiliate program.

You also need patience, time, and hard-working capabilities. The other thing is that there is no guarantee that you can make money from this program.

Common Mistakes that You Should Avoid

  • Not focusing on organic traffic.
  • Not creating unique articles.
  • Not using low-competitive keywords in the content.
  • High keyword density in an article
  • etc.

Which Website is Best or Reliable for?

Creating an Account of Affiliate Marketing?
I have shared some platforms from which you can get your affiliate link:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • hosting affiliates, etc.

My Viewpoint

Overall, I want to tell you that you need to follow some basic guidelines before starting any digital earning. This is the reason why I have shared some notes in this article that may be useful for you. If you have time, then you may read more answers that are in the FAQ section.

FAQ: Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing

How Can You Start an Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

First, you need to create a niche site that has enough organic traffic. After that, you need to apply for an affiliate account at that place.

How Do You Get Affiliate Links from Popular Platforms?

After approval, you can manage your affiliate links and use them on your website. In this post, I have added some steps, and it will be better if you follow those steps before applying for your affiliate account.

How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing If You Have No Websites?

The real fact is that it is very difficult to continue this marketing without your website. Besides, you don’t get approval from popular affiliate programs if you don’t have a niche site.

How Many Hours Do You Need to Continue Affiliate Marketing?

You cannot get a good result in a short time in this sector. This is the reason why you need to give yourself enough time to build up your niche website with quality content so that it can get enough organic traffic.

What is the Hardest Part of the Success of Affiliate Marketing?

Organic and targeted visitors are the main issues with affiliate programs. If you don’t choose the right product for the right customer, selling is not possible.

How Fast Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Enough time is required to learn this type of digital earning, and it depends on how many times you have to learn this type of marketing.

Can You Start Affiliate Marketing without Ads?

If you have organic traffic on your site, then you can continue this marketing. Besides, you can’t continue this sector through paid ads because a website with organic and targeted traffic is mandatory for getting success from affiliate programs.

Why is Affiliate Marketing so Complicated for Beginners?

Most beginners don’t know how to create a website where organic visitors will come. The same people avoid finding a low-competitive niche for creating a site. So I think before starting this marketing, you need to learn first.

How Do You Practice Affiliate Marketing and Do Better in the Future?

At first, you need to find a niche topic that has low competition. After that, you should write articles by following some rules regularly, and this may take more time. You should continue publishing unique articles to build your authority in the online section. Keyword research is also required before starting to write any article. When your site has high authority and enough organic traffic, you can think about affiliate programs.

Can You Get a Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Course with a PDF Copy?

If you want to start a ClickBank affiliate program then you can get information from the internet. A PDF copy is not mandatory to learn about ClickBank affiliates.

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