Semrush Free Accounts for New Users [7 Easy Steps]

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semrush free accounts and plans for new users

Are you a beginner in the SEO sector, and do you want to use a Semrush free account? You already use other SEO tools, but you don’t have enough facilities.

Now you want to use this tool for professional activity. You also don’t know how to use this software during a free trial for checking purposes.

To know all these things, I think you need to read this blog post. If you are a beginner in this sector, then you also need to know the answers to some questions about this software that I have added to this article.

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Is Semrush SEO Tool Paid or Free to Use?

To check the quality of this tool or software, you can use the free trial version of it. If you see that this software is perfect for you, then you can continue with the Semrush premium account or paid plan to get full access.

Besides, you are not the first person thinking of using this software. Many people are using this SEO tool to improve the SEO of their websites in less time.

Is Semrush Free Account Worth It?

If you want to continue your professional website or blog site for affiliate or digital marketing professionally, you need keyword research, a website audit, and content optimization to increase the value of articles regularly.

In this situation, you also need to do your research with less time. This is the reason why you also need a reliable SEO tool for your SEO research on your website.

So, my suggestion is that before trying any SEO tool, you need to check the free trial version. Many people are also using this tool for their websites. If you are a beginner or a new person in this section, I think you may try the trial versions of it to check the SEO research.

What is a Free Trial: Does Semrush have a Free Trial?

For new users, when any service is provided for free for a short time, it is called a free trial. You can also use the Semrush feature without cost, but you need to get their free trial version.

How to Get a Semrush Account (Pro or guru plan) at Free Trial

If you want to check how this SEO tool works, then you may use the free trial version of it. Here, I have given a step-by-step process that you may follow if you want to continue.

🔎 Step 1: Go to the free Semrush sign-up or login

🔎 Step 2: Click ➡️ “Try it free” or ➡️ “Start your free trial” button.

🔎 Step 3: Now the step is “create an account”. Here, you need to enter your email address and password to create a new account. Besides, you can also create your account directly by clicking the “Continue with Google” button.

🔎 Step 4: After that, this tool will send you a verification code to your email address. Collect that code and enter it for verification. If you want this account by using “continue with Google” then you don’t need any verification.

🔎 Step 5: Now you need to give some easy answers to the questions (see the image).

semrush question one
Image credit: Semrush

You just answer these questions with your opinion or experience.

Semrush question two
Image credit: Semrush

And 3rd question…

Semrush question three
Image credit: Semrush

🔎 Step 6: Now you need to select a Semrush Pro or Guru plan to start the trial version. Select any plan (pro or guru) as you require. If you are a beginner, you may choose any plan. If you like this tool in the future, you may upgrade it at any time.

Before starting the Pro or Guru plan, only check what features are available in each plan.

semrush plans
Image credit: Semrush

💠 In the pro plan, available features are:

  • ✅️ Projects,
  • ✅️ Keywords to track,
  • ✅️ Pages to crawl,
  • ✅️ Pdf export

💠 In the Guru plan, available features are:

  • ✅️ Projects,
  • ✅️ Keywords to track,
  • ✅️ Pages to crawl,
  • ✅️ Content marketing platform,
  • ✅️ Multitargeting,
  • ✅️ Historical data.

🔎 Step 7: Finally, you need to enter the billing information for activation of this free trial. Now you can use the features of the Pro or Guru plan for 7 days without cost.

You will also be able to cancel this service (trial plan) before 7 days. If you like this service and don’t cancel this trial, then your card gets charged automatically as a monthly subscription fee.

After managing these free trials for 7 days now, you can use the full features of this tool. If you don’t understand what the features are, you may read the below notes for your easy understanding.

Some Special Semrush features for SEO (try them at free trial!)

Here, I have shared some important SEO tasks that are needed regularly for the SEO development of any site.

1️⃣ Feature One: Easy finding website niche and low-competition keywords

🔎 Step 1: Go to a free Semrush trial and open an account.

🔎 Step 2: Now go to the “keyword magic tool” option. In this section, you will see that a keyword search bar is available. Enter any niche or keyword in that search bar and manually set the targeted location country.

🔎 Step 3: Now click the search button for the result.

N.B.: Select the “very easy” option from the KD (keyword difficulty) filter section for low-competition keywords.

This is how you can find website niches and low-competition keywords easily. If you are a beginner, then I think you need to take more time to find any kind of niche so that you can quickly grow your website in the future.

Low-competitive keywords are also important for your new website because many websites may be competitors for it. This is the reason why you also have a lot of competitors when you activate your new website.

If you can manage targeted keywords with low competition, then you can use them in your articles. So I want to tell you that finding these types of keyboards is very important, and you can get help with this software to get a list of targeted keywords.

Some people fail to analyze keywords, and this is the reason why their website cannot get enough visitors. If you can use this tool properly to find low-competition keywords and use them in your content, then I think you will get good feedback from Google.

On the other hand, some people are also using highly competitive keywords for their new websites. This is the reason why they cannot get organic visitors at the starting level.

The idea is that if you have a website, you need to use low-competitive long-tail keywords, and you should avoid highly competitive keywords for your site.

2️⃣ Feature Two: Compare and analyze the competitor’s website traffic, keywords etc.

🔎 Step 1: Open Semrush free trial account

🔎 Step 2: Now go ➡️ “domain overview”. Here, you will find a search button where you need to enter your website’s domain name so that you can find the data and keywords from the competitors’ websites.

🔎 Step 3: Now go to “keyword gap” to find the keywords that are found on the websites of your competitors.

By following this method, you can analyze the keyword data from the competitor’s websites and apply the missing keywords to your website.

The main issue is that most people who are new in this online sector don’t know how to find missing keywords on competitors’ websites. This is the reason why they cannot analyze their website traffic and don’t find missing keywords for their site.

As a result, they lose organic traffic day by day if they don’t add these missing keywords to their sites. If you can find missing keywords on your competitor’s website, then you should list the required missing keywords and use them in your website articles as necessary.

If you can do it in your articles, you may get more organic traffic day by day. So finding missing words from related websites is easy if you use this type of SEO tool.

3️⃣ Feature Three: Optimize the article to increase its quality

To increase the quality of an article after keyword research, you need to optimize all the text of the article. This takes a lot of time, and it’s also a hard-working process.

But you can do it easily if you use an SEO tool and follow the simple steps. In this case, Semrush can help you quickly optimize your content. To start this activity, you need to go to the section “SEO content template” in that tool.

Here you will find symmetrically related words, and you need to use these words in your article to add more information. In this section, you will also find the readability score of your article, and you need to focus on that score so that you can improve your writing.

Here you will also get the text length, and you can measure how long your article should be. Some people don’t know how to improve their writing, and this is the reason why many websites don’t get enough organic traffic because of their low-quality websites.

A huge number of websites are created in a day, but the main issue is that all the websites don’t have quality articles. If you can focus on improving your article by optimizing it properly with the help of an SEO tool, then I think you can get better feedback from Google and other search engines.

If the search engines show that your website has articles that are well-optimized then search engines may give your website a higher ranking.

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Semrush Free Trial Alternative: Free Tool

Nowadays, Semrush is the most popular, and people are joining this platform to apply SEO implementations to their websites. Besides, there are also some other SEO tools that you may try. Among those tools, Serpstat is also reliable.

They also have a free trial account, but you can’t get full access if you don’t use the paid plan at Serpstat. I think you should use this free Semrush keyword tool (a trial period) and don’t think about Semrush alternative.

But if you can use the other SEO tools for testing purposes, then you may try, and that’s your choice. In this case, a Serpstat may be a good choice for you.

But keep in mind that you need to increase the quality of all your articles in a short time by using reliable software. So think about this issue seriously before using any alternative SEO tool.

My Viewpoint

Overall, I want to say that you can get help from this software or tool if you want to research competitive keywords and use them in articles to increase visibility in different search engines.

If you think that you need to fix the error on your site, then you may try this software to find the error quickly. You can optimize your article and add some informative keywords to your blog post by using this software.

If you think that this software is helpful for the improvement of your site, then you may continue the paid plan of this software. If you are a freelancer and do SEO-related tasks for the improvement of any site, then you may try this software for professional activities.

Some SEO features (I have mentioned in this article) of this tool may be effective for you.
Before using this software or tool, you may read the guidelines that you will find in Semrush and Semrush Academy.

It will be better if you get a Semrush coupon code or discount for this plan at a cheap rate.

FAQ: Semrush Free Accounts

Is Semrush Account Sharing Possible?

You can add or manage users in your Semrush account. In the profile menu of this tool, you will see that there is a “user management” option. Here, you will see the “invite users” option, and you need to use this option if you want to add users.

How Long is the Semrush Free Trial that You May Use?

You will get a 7-day free trial to check out how this tool works for you. I think this trial may be the best choice for you before using their paid plan. By offering this trial, this tool also allows you to use the SEO features without any cost. During the trial period, you can understand if this SEO tool is suitable for you or not.

Can You Get a Semrush Paid Plan Free for Life Time?

It is not possible to get a paid plan for unlimited time from any SEO tool provided. But you can use a normal free account that has very limited SEO features (just 10 search results). If you want to rank your website professionally, then you need to research SEO with enough SEO data tracking. In this case, you need to use a paid plan to reduce time.

Semrush Pro vs Guru vs Business Plan: Which One Do You Need?

There are three types of Semrush plans. they are:

  1. Free Semrush Pro account (at trial period)
  2. Free Semrush Guru account (at trial period)
  3. Business plan

You can use any plan according to your budget, and you should read the features and Semrush pricing before choosing a plan.

Can You Cancel a Semrush Free Trial at Any Time?

Before the trial period ends, you can cancel that free trial. If you don’t want that trial, you need to cancel it before the end of that trial period. If you cannot cancel this trial period before ending that period, then you need to urgently contact the support team of this software so that they can help you.

What are the Semrush Payment Terms?

If you want to use a paid plan, you should check all their agreements before purchasing a plan. Besides, if you want to use the free trial version, you should also read all the agreement guidelines and payment terms.

Do You Need to Use a Semrush Free Trial with or without Creditcard?

You need to use your credit card before starting a free trial version of the tool. But you can cancel the free plan before the end if you don’t want to continue.

Is Semrush Feature “SEO Writing Assistant” Free?

If you want to use this feature for free, you need to use the free trial version. If you like this writing assistant, then you can use the paid plan to continue. In my opinion, this SEO writing assistant is helpful to improve the quality of your article. Besides, you can optimize your writing in a short time if you use it.

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