How to Compare Website Traffic? Find Missing Keywords!

how to compare website traffic

Losing online organic traffic from your website nowadays? Now, you also want to know how to compare website traffic instantly.

To know the answer to these traffic-related questions, you need to continue reading. After comparing the website visitors from your competitors’ websites, you will find missing keywords.

In this situation, you need to add low-competitive keywords to your articles so that you can get organic visitors online. You also need to audit your site to find out the errors and fix them quickly.

For a quick solution, I have shared an easy way that you may try. To analyze the keyword gap on your competitors’ websites, you need to use a reliable SEO tool.

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Do You Need to Analyze Website Traffic Performance or Website Data?

There are some popular SEO tools that you may use for researching and analyzing keywords and traffic data from websites. The Semrush Pro tool is one of the most popular and reliable organic traffic checkers that you may try for finding keyword gaps, traffic data, SEO audit reports of a website, link-building reports, etc.

Can You Check or Analyze the Traffic on Other Websites?

Yes, you can do traffic analysis on other websites by following specific tools. If you want to use this type of traffic estimator, you may use a Semrush tool that is also reliable and popular with most users.

Is It Possible to Compare the Traffic between Other Websites and Your Website?

If you want to compare the visitors and keyword gap between your competitor websites and your website, then you can also use this reliable Semrush tool (comparison tool and website ranking checker).

In that place, you can also analyze keyword gaps and find the missing keywords. After finding those keywords, you can implement them on your website to get better results from Google and other search engines.

If you see that your website pages are losing ranking and your competitors’ web pages are increasing their ranking, then it is important to analyze the keyword gaps between you and your competitors’ website pages.

How to do this?

You may read below the methods

How to Compare Website Traffic, Keyword Gap Analysis between Competitor’s Websites and Your Site for Free

You may also have a question: How do you analyze the SEO of a competitor’s website?

Here, I have shared some steps that you can follow if you are interested in comparing your website with other sites.

🔎 Step 1: Go to Semrush (free trial is now available).

🔎 Step 2: After that, click the “domain overview” option, enter your domain, and click the search button so that you can analyse keyword gaps between your website and your competitors.

🔎 Step 3: After that, go to the “keyword gap” section.

keyword gap
Image credit: Semrush

Here, you will find a list of comparisons between your competitor’s websites and your own.

comparisons with competitor's website
Image credit: Semrush

This is how you can see the display of competitor analysis and find the required keywords from the keyword gap analysis.

After finding your selective keywords, you need to add those keywords to your articles.

Note: Need to know ➡️ how to open ➡️ Semrush free account?


An analysis of keyword gaps is not a full solution.

What are the other things you should do?

You need to optimize your article to increase its quality so that Google can prefer it to other competitor web pages.

Need to optimize articles?

You can also optimise your article by using popular content-optimizing tools. Semrush also has a feature where you can optimize your article.

After completing article optimization, you need to focus on the keyword density of your content. Google and other search engines do not like the content or articles that have a higher keyword density.

Try to keep keyword density below 1% in your content. You should also do on-page and off-page SEO for your article if you want to get good feedback from Google.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to say that to compare the visitors from different websites, you need to use SEO tools. Besides, if you regularly lose organic traffic from your website, then you need to recheck the articles on your site and fix them quickly.

You may follow some basic guidelines that I have already mentioned in this blog post. If you want to compare visitors and find missing keywords that you may use in your blog posts, you need to use this SEO tool.

Besides, you may also do some other SEO activities with this type of tool. To improve articles or content, you need to optimize them carefully by using this type of tool.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands, then this type of SEO tool will help you do this work quickly. You need to give some more time to recheck your published articles with the site audit that you will find in this type of SEO tool.

Quality articles are preferred by search engines, and this is why you need to focus on creating quality articles if you want to improve your website in the future. Here, I have shared some notes that you may read to get some more information that you may require to improve your blog post.

Besides, you may read my other articles, where I have also shared about specific SEO techniques.

FAQ: Compare Site Traffic

How Do You Find out How Many Visitors a Website Has?

With the help of SEO tools like Semrush, you can find the traffic source and unique visitors of any website.

Read more: Semrush accuracy

How Can You Check Daily Traffic Data on Your Website for Free?

You can add your website to Google Analytics so that you can check daily visitors or traffic statistics from your website. There will be no cost required for you to use Google Analytics for your website. But the problem is that you need to check others’ websites for keyword analysis. This is the reason why you should not use the free website traffic checkers that are available on Google, and you need to use Semrush to check the data from all the targeted websites.

How Do You Check a Competitor’s Website Traffic in Google Analytics for Free?

You cannot see the data on your competitors’ websites from the Google Analytics website traffic checker. You can just get your website data from this place for free. You need to use Semrush or other tools to check the data on people’s websites.

Which is the Best and Reliable Tool to Check Website Ranking?

Some popular and suitable SEO tools are available online for checking website rankings. They are:

  1. ✅️ Semrush (most popular)
  2. ✔️ Ahrefs
  3. ✔️ Serpstat etc.

Is there an Available Free Website Ranking Checker Tool?

For checking purposes, you may use the free trial version that Semrush offers.

What is a Competitor Comparison Chart in Keyword Gap Analysis?

When you start the keyword gap analysis in Semrush, you can find a competitor comparison chart. This chart is helpful to find keywords that are not found on your website page. So you can collect those keywords and add them to your website pages to increase their quality.

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