Can Keywords be Two Words? Find Low Competition Keywords!

can keywords be two words

You may have a question: Can keywords be two or more words? What type of keywords do you need for your article to get organic traffic?

To know the answer to these questions, I have shared some useful notes with guidelines that you may follow. To get a clear concept, you need to read this article, where I have tried to share my thoughts easily.

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What Kind of Words are Keywords?

In online search engines, people type the words to find the exact information. These types of words are called keywords. People may type one word, two words, three words, or four words to find the right websites on the internet.

Types of Keywords

Here I have shared different types of words that visitors use for searching for information online. They are:

1. Long Tail Keyword

long tail keywords

When people type more than two words, then these types of words are included in this category. Some people also search for information on Google by typing a phrase, and this type of phrase is also included in this category.

2. Short Keyword

short keywords

On the other hand, less than two words or a single word is called a short-tail keyword, and sometimes two words are also included in this category.

3. Fresh Keyword

fresh keywords

The words or topics that people use to find the latest information are included in this section.


  • 💠 “mrbrandweb”, “brand” and “web” are short keywords.
  • 💠 “mrbrandweb for website tips” is a long-tail keyword.
  • 💠 “SEO tips for beginners”, and “SEO guides for beginners” are phrases, and they are also considered long-tail keywords.

How many Words can any Keyword be: Can a Keyword be Two Words?

Any type of keyword may have one or multiple words, and it depends on the search term of the internet user.

Can an SEO Keyword be Multiple Words in Search Engines?

This type of word may have multiple words or a single word, and a long-tail word includes multiple words.

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How Do You Choose the Right Low Competition Keyword for Your Website?

You may read the steps that I have shared below:

🔎 Step 1: Go to Semrush (free trial is available for new users).

🔍 Step 2: In this tool, go “keyword magic tool section”

🔎 Step 3: In that section, enter a keyword and search for a list of low-competition keywords or a list of key phrases.

🔍 Step 4: In this tool, you will find some more options that you can manage easily. Finally, you will be able to get a list of low-competition keywords for your article.

N.B.: Special features of this semrush tool:

  • ✅️ Generate a list of low-competition keywords.
  • ✅️ Site audit to correct SEO problems on your site.
  • ✅️ Analysis of link building for different websites.
  • ✅️ Content optimization for increasing the quality of your article.

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My Viewpoint

Organic keywords can be more than one word. This is the reason why you may select low-competitive words for your article so that you can get the facility from those types of words.

You cannot easily find these types of low-competitive words if you don’t use a reliable SEO tool. In this article, I have also shared the process of using an SEO tool that you may also use if you are interested.

FAQ: Can a Keyword be One or Two Words

How Do You Check If Some Words are Keywords or not?

If any word has a search volume on Google, then it is considered a keyword. If any word doesn’t have a search volume, then it is not considered a keyword. You can check it by using Semrush or other SEO tools.

How Long can a Phrase Type Keyword be?

Normally, more than two words that have search volume are considered a phrase keyword. This type of phrase may be a top-search or low-search word.

What is the meaning of generic keywords?

This type of word is also a short-tail keyword that is also known as a generic keyword, and normally, it has a search volume.

What are Primary and Secondary Keywords?

The primary keyword focuses on the main topic, and the secondary keyword focuses on the sub-topics of the main topic.

For example:

⏹️ Primary keyword: “website making”

⏹️ Secondary keywords:

  • “What is a website?”
  • “How to make a website for beginners?”
  • “Advantages of website”
  • “Disadvantages of website”

What is the Meaning of Single and Multiple Keywords?

Website visitors may search for information by typing one word (single keyword) or more than one word (multiple keywords or keyphrases) in Google.

What is the Meaning of Semantic Keywords?

When different keywords have the same meaning, they are included in this category.


  • making a site (1)
  • building a blog site (2)
  • creating a website (3)

These three examples are semantic keywords. “Google search engine” can now understand that the meaning of these three examples is the same.

Does Word Order Matter in a Keyword during Searching in Google?

If the order of these types of words is different, then you may get different results (information) from Google, Bing, or other search engines.

What is a Keyword Strategy?

The purpose of this strategy is to find the right keywords and place them in an article (the content) for ranking in the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

What is the Keyword Golden Rule for SEO?

It is the system where a low-competition word is taken that has a search volume below 250 per month. This system is also called the “keyword golden ratio”. For new websites, this type of word may work, but there is no guarantee that this Golden Ratio rule will work all the time for ranking new sites.

Can Meta Keywords be More than Two Words?

These types of words can be one word or more than one word.

What is the Main Difference Between Key-Words and keywords?

Key-words” and “keywords” are not the same in meaning, and they are different terms.

Key words” mean words or main words that have significance.

Keywords” are the words or phrases that people use for searching online data or websites.

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