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micro niche finder tool

You are thinking of creating a new website, but you aren’t able to find a niche for it. Now, you need a micro-niche finder tool for finding the targeted low-competition niche or topic for your business website or blog site.

If you face this type of problem, you may use a reliable SEO tool or Google niche finder (keyword planner) to find targeted topics in a short time.

By using this type of tool, you can also do keyword research, site audits, and backlink analysis for your website.

If you want to get free organic traffic from the Google search engine, then you need to use targeted and low-competition keywords for your website.

This is the reason why I have shared a reliable SEO tool in this article that you may use for finding micro-niche topics and other activities for getting organic traffic.

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What is the Meaning of Micro Niche?

A micro-niche topic is one kind of subcategory of any subject. For example, in the electronic category, there are many subcategories. Such as televisions, refrigerators etc.

  • Woven, television, and refrigerators are micro-niches.

What is the Meaning of Macro Niche?

This macro topic is a broad category where you can find lots of subcategories. Televisions and refrigerators are electronic items. Here, “electronic items” is one kind of macro niche.

What is the Difference Between Macro and Micro Niche?

A micro niche focuses on a specific product or subject, and it is a subcategory.

A macro niche focuses on various types of products or subjects, and it can be a category of any subject.

Are Micro Niche Websites Worth It?

This type of website focuses on targeted products, which is why targeted customers come to these sites. So there is a good possibility for affiliate marketers to sell targeted products online by using these types of websites.

Where Do You Find Low Competition Micro Niches for Your Website?

You can get low-competitive micro-influencer niche ideas from a specific SEO tool or software. This is the reason why I have shared a macro and micro niche finder tool that you may use to find your low-competition topic easily.

This keyword tool is also helpful for finding related keywords that have low competition.

Want to find a low competition micro niche now?

Here, I have shared step-by-step, easy guidelines that you may follow to find your targeted topic easily.

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How Do You Find the Most Profitable Micro Niche Website Ideas or Blog Ideas?

You may follow these easy steps:

🔎 Step 1: Choose a topic that you have an interest in and experience with. Suppose you have chosen “seo” for your topic.

🔎 Step 2: Go Semrush tool (free trial available)

🔎 Step 3: Now you may check whether this topic, “SEO” is low-competitive or not. You should also check how many low-competition keywords are included in that topic (SEO).

You may have a question: What is the best niche for e-commerce to sell online?

N.B.: By using Semrush, you can also find:

  • ✅️Finding a profitable niche
  • ✅️Low-competitive keywords,
  • ✅️Site audit,
  • ✅️Link-building analysis
  • ✅️Optimization of articles or blog posts for
  • ✅️SEO, etc.

It is one kind of “niche-finder” AI tool that you may try.

keyword magic tool
Image credit: Semrush

🔎 Step 4: Go keyword magic tool and enter the topic name.

topic name in keyword magic tool
Image credit: Semrush

Choose keyword difficulty (KD) and select the “very easy” option.

select very easy keywords
Image credit: Semrush

By using this tool, you may also exclude keywords.

exclude keywords
Image credit: Semrush

After clicking the “apply” button of this tool, it will show keywords that you can use for creating new articles or blog posts.

list of low competition keywords
Image credit: Semrush

🔎 Step 5: Check if all the keywords are profitable or not for your articles, then decide to select a microtopic for you.

You may also have a question: How do you find an untapped niche easily?

Answer: By using this Semrush tool, you will also be able to find this type of topic easily.

N.B: Step-by-step guidelines ➡️ Open Semrush free account ➡️ to use free excess of this tool.

How Do You Find Low Competition Popular niches?

By using this Semrush tool, you can also find popular topics that have low-competition keywords. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines that I have already shared in this blog post if you are interested in finding the right topic for you.

How Do You Choose a Profitable Blog Niche for You?

You can use a popular tool for finding blog topics, and Semrush is one of them. With this tool, you can also analyze keyword gaps, link building, site audits, etc.

How do You Start a Micro Niche Blog Easily?

After finding your targeted keywords, you need to prepare to create a blog by yourself. If you are interested in creating a blog site, you may read my other article, where you can find step-by-step guidelines for creating a blog website quickly.

My Viewpoint

Overall, I want to say that finding a micro topic takes a long time, but you can find it in a short time by using a reliable SEO tool.

Besides, applying SEO to websites also takes time. You may reduce this by using a proper SEO tool. If you don’t use SEO techniques in your articles, you won’t get preference from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

By using this type of tool, you can apply SEO techniques to websites in a smart way. Before creating a website, the main important task is finding a low-competitive niche so that your website can easily get organic traffic.

After creating a site, the second main task is to create unique and quality articles or content. This is the reason why content optimization is also important for getting organic, free visitors online.

To optimize content in a short time, you may use this type of reliable tool. Finding low-competitive and related keywords is also a challenge for any person.

To solve this issue, you may try this type of SEO tool, and you can also audit your site by using it. After auditing a site, you can understand the problem and errors, and then you can fix these problems as required.

You can find out the keyword gap between your site and competitors’ websites if you use this type of tool. If you can find the missing keywords for your articles, then you can use those keywords in your blog posts or articles to increase their quality.

In this tool, you can use the specific option “SEO writing assistant” to optimize your articles quickly. You can also find toxic backlinks on your website by using this tool.

So make your decision to use this type of tool or not for finding your SEO requirements. Besides, you may hire a professional person from Fiverr to find low-competitive keywords or topic ideas.

To know more about this type of microtopic, you may read the answers that are given in the FAQ section.

FAQ: Niche Finder Tool

How Do You Use a Micro and Macro Niche Finder Tool?

By using the Semrush tool, you can find any topic. To know how to find these types of macro-niche and micro-niche keywords, you need to read this entire article, where I have also mentioned some ideas.

Which Type of Micro Niche is Best for Your Blogging, Affiliate Marketing or Digital Marketing?

First, you should think about what related topics you are an expert in so that you can write articles on those related topics. If you can write articles with experience and expertise, then your selected topic has a better chance to grow quickly. As a result, Google and other search engines also give preference to your professional blogging.

How Do You Know If Your Selected Niche Is Profitable?

After using this keyword finder, you can find many keywords that have low competition. If you have enough low-competition keywords and search volume, then you can create multiple articles by using those keywords. This is the reason why this type of selected topic may be profitable when you create unique and quality articles by using these keywords.

What are the Different Types of Blog Niches?

In the digital world, there are different types of blogs that you may select according to your experience. You need to choose your preferred blog type so that you can easily write informative articles for readers.
For example, health, food, travel, electronic products, website hosting, etc. are different blog subjects that you may use if you have experience.

Can You Find the Most Profitable Blog Niches that Have No Competition?

Yes, you can find low-competition blogs by using a blog niche finder tool. You can also collect related keywords that have low competition, and by using these words, you can make multiple articles or blog posts for your website.

Do Micro Niche Blog Sites Still Work?

You need to select any subject that has lots of low-competition keywords. By using these keywords, you can make lots of articles for your new blog site. If you don’t select low-competition keywords and use them in your articles, then your niche site might not get enough organic visitors.

Is Sub-niche the Same as Micro Niche for Your Selected Topic?

Normally, these two topics are considered the same, where you will get specific information about specific products.

What Niche Gets the Most Views?

Niche websites that have high domain authority, enough quality, and unique content have a better chance of getting more visitors than new websites.

What are the Examples of Niches that are the Most Competitive or Saturated?

  • Product category
  • Travel
  • Bike riding
  • Fishing etc.

The better way is for you to choose a low-competition subject that you are an expert in so that you can continue blogging for a long time.

How to Find the Best and Profitable Keywords for Your Niche?

For finding profitable and low-competition keywords, you may use Semrush. You can find a micro-niche list with low-competitive and profitable keywords by using this keyword research tool.

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