How to Buy a Website Domain from Someone [4 Ways]

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how to buy a domain from someone

Thinking of buying a domain from another person? Do you also want to know how to buy a website domain from someone in an easy way?

To know the answer to these questions, you need to read the full article, where I have discussed some notes that may be helpful for you before purchasing a premium domain from other people.

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Can you Buy a Domain Name from Someone?

Yes, you can buy this name that has already been taken by someone if that person agrees to sell it at your offered price. On the internet, some domain sellers sell names when they find a targeted buyer.

Can You Buy a Premium Domain on behalf of Someone Else?

It will be better if you directly purchase your chosen premium name from the domain seller. There are some domain markets where you can find your targeted brand name and make an offer for that name to the buyer.

How to Find an Available Premium Domain?

There are some ways that you can follow to search for your required brand name.

  1. ➡️ Go to the domain marketplace or aftermarket and search for the name by typing a word. Some examples of domain marketplaces are and
  2. ➡️ You may also go to a popular registrar like Namecheap, where you may find some premium names that are available for sale.

Try to select a name that has a (.com) extension because this extension is more popular than other extensions.

How to Buy a Website Domain from Someone or a Private Owner?

1️⃣ Way One: Go to Namecheap Marketplace and type your selected word in the search bar to find a targeted name.

type word for a domain buy
Image credit: Namecheap

After searching, you will see that some domain names are listed as premium names.

premium domain for sale
Image credit: Namecheap

Normally, the price of this type of name is higher than domain registration. Most of the time, buyers have listed these types of names for sale.

If you want a premium name and your budget is not an issue for you, then you can decide to purchase this type of name from that place. If you like the listed price of that name, then you may directly purchase that name.

If you see that name is taken but not in use online with a business website, then you need to try the next way.

2️⃣ Way Two: Sometimes you will see that some domain names are not listed for sale, and it says that those are not available for sale.

In this situation, type that name in the web browser and check if it opens any website or not. Some domains do not open any kind of running business website.

If you see that a domain has a landing page where it is written that “it is available for sale,” then you will think that it is listed for sale. Then you can decide to acquire that name.

3️⃣ Way Three: If your selected domain does not open any kind of outside or landing page, then you need to find the domain registrar. If you find the actual owner of that name, you can contact that person to make an offer for it.

Go to ( and check the information of the current registrar of your chosen domain.

finding registrar from domain whois lookup
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Enter that name in the Whois lookup search bar and click the search button. After that, you will find information about the current owner of it.

whois lookup for finding domain information
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You may contact that person and say that you are interested in purchasing that name. Then the registrar may contact the owner of that name if they have no issue and inform you whether the current owner of that name is interested in selling it or not.

This is how you can contact the actual owner and get information on whether he is interested in selling that name. If the owner is interested in selling, you may negotiate the price with him.

If you agree to a fixed price, then you may proceed to the next step in getting that name. You may use an escrow service (source) for buying this type of name securely.

If you don’t know about escrow services, you need to know the overall process of the service. It will be better if you contact them and read the overall guidelines for this service.

4️⃣ Way Four: If you have no time and are busy, then you can hire a Godaddy domain broker to acquire your chosen brand name. You may also find this type of broker in other places.

This may require additional costs for that broker. You can hire this type of broker from a popular domain registrar company.

N.B.: Before purchasing any premium domain, you should check the trademark issue. It will be better if you check the domain’s health (spam score, backlinks, etc.). You may research the current value of this premium name before deciding to purchase it.

If you are new in this sector, you can get help from a professional domainer or domain broker.

Before purchasing this type of premium brand name, you need to prepare your budget and time. You need to consider whether the selected name is important to you or not.

That is why it may take time and again to think about whether you want to require or not that name.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy or Acquire a Domain Name from Someone Else?

If you want to buy a premium name that is already owned by someone, you may need to pay a high amount. If you can decrease the domain price by negotiating, then it’s your performance.

What If Someone Buys Your Premium Domain Name?

When you list your domain name in the marketplaces (afternic, sedo, etc.) for sale, any buyer can buy that name if he is interested. When a buyer buys your listed name from the marketplace, you need to transfer that name to the buyer.

My Viewpoint

I want to say that you need to acquire some basic knowledge to acquire this type of premium name. This article may help you gain some basic knowledge about how to acquire a premium name.

A good premium name has more facilities than a normal brand name. If you can manage a high-traffic domain for your website, then it will be better for you.

But it may be expensive to acquire that name. If you can negotiate with the previous domain owner, then you may save some money. But the real fact is that these types of high-value premium names are really expensive, and you need to have a high budget before purchasing them.

To acquire this type of name, first, you need to go to the aftermarket, where you can find many premium names that are listed for sale. Choose a name by taking time, because a good selection of a name is the best procedure for choosing the best brand name for you.

After choosing a name, you need to follow some steps if you are interested in acquiring it. I have already shared some basic tips to acquire this type of premium name from the current owner.

If you think that these procedures are boring for you, then you may get help from a domain broker, but it will cost you extra. If you don’t have time to acquire a good brand name for your business purpose or affiliate marketing, it will be better to hire a professional broker so that he can easily manage your selected domain for you.

Read more: “Benefits of a brand name”

If you want to know more about it, then you may read the FAQ section and other articles on this site. It may take some more time if you want to get some basic information about premium names.

FAQ: Buying a Domain from Someone

Can You Buy a New Domain from any Domain Registrar or Provider?

Yes, you can register this name, and it will be better if you buy any name from popular providers (Namecheap and other registrars) who are “ICANN” certified.

How to Buy a Premium Domain without a Broker Service?

Read the ways that I have attached to this article. If you don’t have any idea about this name, it will be better if you get some information about it.

Is It Required to Buy a Premium Domain?

If you are a beginner and want to make a website, you may try to register a new, fresh, and custom domain. You can manage free domain registration from some popular web hosting companies like Hostinger, Bluehost, etc.

Some people also have personal websites without premium domains because these types of names may cost a lot. That is why some people register new brand names at a cheap rate.

If you want to register or purchase a new domain name at a low cost, you should go to a popular domain registrar like Namecheap. Besides, you may buy new names from Google domains or other popular registrars of your choice.

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