What Type of Blog should You Start? How to Find 7+ Ideas!

what type of blog site should you start

You are thinking of starting a new blog site, but you don’t understand what the blog topic will be.

Now you are searching to find the answer to this question: What kind of blog should you start for digital marketing to make money?

To know this answer in detail, you should read this entire article, where I have mentioned important notes and examples of some regular blog types.

Are You a New Blogger Online?

You are using a free blog site and writing some things online, but you are interested in writing online as a professional blogger. In this situation, you may continue your blogging on a specific topic if you want to grow your new site in the future.

What Type of Blog Should You Start in the Online Sector?

There are various types of blogging ideas or niches online. Such as food, health, travel, DIY, technical knowledge, poultry, sound solution ideas, cooking blogs, etc.

You may have a question: What kind of online blogs are most popular nowadays?
Before finding the answer to this question, you should prefer the blog topic in that you have experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in growing a new site, then I think you should continue writing blog posts (articles) on a specific topic that you know about.

For example, if you have expertise or knowledge in computers, hosting, websites, and related topics, you can start a new site with Internet-related topics. If you know poultry farms, then you can create a poultry-related site.

So the decision is yours, and you should select which website category matches your professional activities.

Which Blogging Platform is Best to Start?

WordPress is a CMS system where you can find a content management system for the control of all your articles.

You may have a question: What is the easiest blogging platform to make articles on?
You may use this WordPress platform if you are a beginner and want to continue your blogging for a long time at a professional level.

So I think this platform will be better for you if you want to grow your new site. You just need to install WordPress software after buying a reliable hosting plan from a popular hosting provider (Hostinger or Bluehost).

You don’t need any technical knowledge at a beginner level if you want to build this type of site. You just need to follow some step-by-step guidelines for creating a new and professional site from Hostinger.

Reliable Micro Niche Finder Tool: Blog Topic Finder

If you have no time and you are also unable to find any topic that has low competition, then I think you should follow the other way. In this situation, many bloggers use a specific niche finder (blog name generator) to find targeted keywords and niches that have very little competition.

They also apply these keywords to their successful blogs by maintaining proper SEO optimization. If you can find this type of niche and want to start your new site with this niche, then you may have the possibility to grow this site quickly.

The most popular keyword finder tool is Semrush, where you can also get a list of low-competitive keywords that you may use in articles.

How to Choose a Profitable Blog for You from Different Ideas

how to choose blog topic or niche

As a beginner’s guide, I have mentioned blogging tips with some easy steps. You may follow these steps if you want to find a profitable topic (niche).

⏹️ Step 1: Think of a topic that you have an interest in writing articles about. You should think of a plan to write articles that you have experience with.

⏹️ Step 2: Use a free Semrush trial.

⏹️ Step 3: In this tool, you need to enter your selected topic in the “keyword magic tool” section.

⏹️ Step 4: By using the very easy button and exclude option, you will see a low-competition keyword list in this tool.

⏹️ Step 5: Now you need to think about whether this type of niche or topic is OK for you or not. If you think that you need to research more, then you can check other blog topics with this tool.

Note: You can also get more benefits from this Semrush tool. They are:

  • ✅️ Keywords that have low competition
  • 🔗 Link-building research
  • 🔎 Site audit of your website
  • 📃 You can optimize articles to increase the quality.

Can You Create or Build Your Blog Site?

Yes, you can create a new site even if you don’t need any coding knowledge. But you need time to understand the easy process of making a site, and you also need time to create articles after creating a new site. Building a site is easy if you follow easy, step-by-step guidelines.

If you want to create a brand new site, then continue reading…

Cheapest Way to Start a Professional Blog for Beginner Level

If you have a budget problem and want to build a new site at a very cheap rate, then you need to purchase reliable hosting and a domain from a popular place. In this situation, you may go to any place among these two popular platforms (given below). Such as:

1️⃣ Platform 1: Build a new blogging site in Hostinger [for beginners]

2️⃣ Platform 2: Build a new blogging site on Bluehost

What to Do Before Starting a New Blog Post?

You may also have these questions.

  • What do you need to know before starting a new article?
  • How to write a beginner’s article?

Continue reading to know the answers to these questions…

After creating a new site, you should prepare yourself to create new articles for publishing on this site. For creating an article, it will be better if you collect low-competitive keywords by using the Semrush SEO tool.

After collecting this type of keyword, you can start to write articles by using those keywords. If you want to know more, then you may read this article “What to do after keyword research?”

My Viewpoint

Finally, I will say that you, of course, need to start a site with a specific topic that you have an interest in and knowledge about. You cannot continue writing articles for a long time if you don’t have any interest in your selected topic.

So my suggestion is that you should select a preferred topic or niche before creating a site. If you don’t have enough time to find this type of niche, then you may get help from Semrush (a specific niche finder tool).

Give yourself at least enough time to find your preferred topic so that you can be satisfied with that topic. Early on, many bloggers had started their sites, but they did not have enough knowledge of their selected topics.

So they did not get success from their blogging, and they did not continue their blogging for a long time either. So if you want to get success from blogging, then you also spend enough time choosing a blogging niche (topic). Choosing a better topic may help you grow your site in the future.

FAQ: What Type of Blog Should You Start

What is Niche Blogging and Is It Better?

A blogging website that has information on specific topics is called niche blogging. For example, food blogging has different types of food items and information about them. Cooking blogging has different types of recipes and related information.

As a Beginner, Can You Start a New Blog for Free?

If you want to start blogging without any cost, then you can create. You will find this type of free blogging platform online, but the main issue is that you cannot get professional facilities from this free blog site.

The main negative issue is that normally you will not get regular free organic traffic from different search engines to your free blog. This is the reason why your website will not grow with authority, and you cannot get better results from this type of free site. So my recommendation is that you should start a professional site by using a paid hosting plan.

Should You Plan Your Blog Site Before Starting?

I think you need to plan what type of site you need to create. You may also select a topic so that you can continue blogging and prepare lots of articles. If you want to select a topic (niche) and a list of targeted keywords for articles in a short time, then you may use a specific SEO tool (which I have already mentioned above).

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