2 Cheapest Ways to Start a Blog Site: 5 Notes + Guidelines

cheapest ways to start a blog site

Are you finding the cheapest way to start a new blog site for yourself? If you are thinking that you need to continue your blogging, then I will say that you can continue your blog writing.

If you read the whole article, then you will also get useful notes and some of the cheapest ways that you may try to start your blog.

Normally, most professional bloggers continue their blogging with paid hosting plans, and they also get enough facilities from their web hosting plans.

If you have a budget problem and you also need to continue blogging, then you may try the cheapest blogging platform for continuing your writing online.

This is the reason why I have mentioned some easy and very cheap blogging platforms that you may try right now.

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Is It Too Late to Start a Blog Site for You?

You are thinking of starting a blog site for yourself, but you are confused, and you have a question: Is it the right time to start a blog? If you are interested in and passionate about the blogging platform, then I will tell you that you should start blogging right now.

Does Creating Blogs Cost Money for Bloggers?

Professional bloggers use paid hosting plans to create their authority blog sites. Some bloggers also make money through professional blogging, and this earning is continuing. Using free blog sites, it is difficult to make money nowadays.

List of some of the best (popular) free blogging platforms (sites):

  1. 📃blogger.com
  2. 📃wordpress.com

N.B.: If you want to earn money through blogging, you need to focus on a paid hosting site, quality articles, SEO improvement, investing your time in writing, etc. At the same time, you need to continue blogging as an active blogger, not a passive blogger.

If you are interested in creating a professional blogging site for affiliate marketing, then you also need to choose affordable blog hosting and register a new domain name for your site. Some popular hosting providers (Bluehost, Hostinger, etc.) also offer a free domain if you create a website on those platforms.

What Kind of Site (Blog) Should You Start?

Continuing on a blogging platform is not easy work for everyone. People who have passion and interest in a specific topic can get the energy to write regular articles and publish them on their site. First, you need to choose a blogging topic (niche) that you have an interest in and experience in so that you can create a huge number of articles.

My blog site examples:

  • ✒️ MrBrandWeb.com (hosting and website-related niche)
  • ✒️ MrSoundNoise.com (soundproofing related niche)

Finding Low Competition Best and Profitable Niche for Blogging

For quick-finding blog topics or niches, you may use a reliable SEO tool (Semrush). This type of tool is very helpful to find a huge list of blog topics and profitable keywords for your site. If you don’t have enough time, then this tool may help you find out this type of keyword or niche in a short time.

How Much Does It Cost to Create (Host) a Blog Site?

It depends on what type of hosting plan you use for your blog. For beginners, you need to manage a cheaper hosting plan to create a professional site. In this situation, I suggest that you try Hostinger if you want to create a new site at a lower price.

The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Create a Blog Website for Beginners

In my opinion, you may follow any of these two ways.

1️⃣ Way 1: Creating a Blog Site with Hostinger

This is my recommended platform for beginners who want to start a professional site at a very cheap rate. Here, you can create and manage blog posts or articles by using WordPress software. This is also the best way to start a travel, food, or book blog.

This platform is very popular for beginners, and already a huge number of users create their websites from this place. You can also create a static blog on this platform, but this type of site has limited functionality.

2️⃣ Way 2: Creating a Blog Site on Bluehost

This place is also better for creating a blogging site at the starter and business levels.

Note: Both Hostinger and Bluehost are popular and reliable hosting platforms, and currently I am using Hostinger.

Notes for Creating Quality Articles for a Blog Site

Here, I have mentioned some useful notes that you may follow if you want to increase the quality of your writing and improve SEO.

🔠 Note 1: Collect Keywords (Low Competition)

Selecting the right keywords for blog posts is important because you need to grow the ranking of your new site quickly. If you are not able to select the right keyword for your article, then you will not be able to rank that web page on the first page of a Google search.

If you are a beginner, then you may have a question about what to do now in this situation. I will suggest you collect the targeted keywords that have low competition.

If you don’t choose low-competition keywords for your article, then other higher-ranking websites will overtake your new site in Google search rankings.

You may solve this problem by using a reliable SEO tool like Semrush. In this tool, you will find the keyword magic tool, where you can collect a list of very easy keywords.

If you can use this type of easy (low competition) keyword in your article, then it may have a better chance of ranking on Google’s first page. Don’t forget to use this type of easy keyword in the title of your written article.

✒️ Note 2: Write Articles or Blog Posts

After choosing low-competition keywords, you now need to write a unique article. You should not copy others’ articles while writing your content or articles.

Try to add more information to your writing so that readers or traffic can benefit from it. During writing your content, you may include your selected keywords, and you should not exceed 1% of keyword density.

Try to use your targeted keywords one or two times. If you add keywords more than twice in your content, then the keyword density will be high. If the keyword density is high in your content, then search engines will not take it positively.

📃 Note 3: Optimize Your Article

After writing your article, you need to include more information to increase the quality of your writing. You may also call this system article optimization.

If you don’t optimize your writing properly, you cannot overtake your competitors’ websites in Google search results. Besides, if you don’t add enough information to your writing, readers or online visitors may quickly leave your webpage, and this is not good for your site.

Content optimization is a complicated process, but you can do it easily if you use a reliable SEO tool. Some professional blog writers also use this type of content optimization tool (Semrush) so that they can optimize their writing in less time.

🔡 Note 4: Check Plagiarism

If different search engines find duplicate content or plagiarism in any article, then that article will not rank. Besides, your website may lose ranking if duplicate content is found on it. Even if you don’t copy others’ writing, sometimes you will find plagiarism in your articles.

So the best way is, after completing your content or article, you need to check the availability of duplicate content by using a plagiarism checker tool. You will find a free version of this type of tool online, and if you don’t find this type of tool, you may use the below free tool.

  • smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker

🔤 Note 5: Focus on Grammar Correction

After following all these issues, you now need to check if any grammatical errors are present in your writing. If you have found any grammatical errors, you should immediately correct them before forgetting them.

If you don’t understand what type of grammatical problem is available in your content, then you may get help from a reliable grammar-checking tool. Today, a huge number of people use Grammarly to collect grammatical errors instantly. This tool has a free or paid version, and you can use any version as per your requirements.

Easiest Way to Write a Blog Post at a Short Time

If you have a problem typing or cannot type fast, then you may also follow another method to write blog content quickly. At the beginner level, I also write content by using the typing method.

However, I needed more time to create a full article because my typing speed was not fast enough. However, I have found another way to write content with less time.

Google’s voice-typing method may help you complete an article quickly if you don’t have any problems with voice-typing. But I use a voice-typing method for creating an article very quickly, and you can also follow this method.

Easiest Way to Monetize Your New Blog Posts?

At a beginner level, when you create a new site and publish some articles, you may not get organic traffic from those articles easily. In this situation, you may monetize all of your articles on social media.

When people come to your new articles and read information, search engines also take it positively. If the engagement of social media traffic is high in your new articles, then you may get positive feedback for ranking in different search engines.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t ignore social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc.) for sharing your new content.

Can Blogging in Full Time be Profitable?

At the starting level, a new site is not profitable without publishing quality articles. But don’t worry, if you can grow a new site, you can also use it in affiliate marketing for earning.

My Viewpoint

Starting a blog cheaply is not everything, and you also need to focus on improving the articles. You should prepare well-written articles that include enough information so that online visitors can get the right answer from those articles.

If the visitors stay for a long time in your article, then engagement time will increase. This is the reason why search engines also prefer this article for this engagement.

So my suggestion is that, after creating a new site, you should focus on improving your writing. If you haven’t read the full article on this website, then I suggest you read the entire article.

After reading this article, you will also understand how to prepare and improve your writing. If you can develop your site, then you can also get a huge number of organic visitors.

By using these visitors, you may earn affiliate earnings, and at that time, you can easily handle your blogging costs. So starting a blog the cheapest way is not everything, and you should continue your blogging for a long time.

If you take it seriously, then you can write articles regularly and publish them on your site. When search engines notice that new articles are added to your site regularly for a long time, then your site will get preference.

If you can continue to publish well-written articles on your site for a long time, then it may have a chance to turn your new site into a high-authority site.

FAQ: Cheapest Blog Site

Can You Start a New Blog Site for Free at the Beginner Level?

Starting a free website for blogging purposes is not the best way. Different search engines and SEO don’t like free sites. Many professional bloggers use paid hosting for creating their sites, and they also continue to publish quality articles to grow their sites. So my suggestion is that if you seriously start a professional site for blogging purposes, then it will be better if you use a paid hosting plan from a reliable place.

Is the WordPress Blog Site Good for All the Blogs?

WordPress blogging sites are preferable for affiliate marketing most of the time. This is the reason why you may also choose a WordPress site for your long-time blogging.
Now the question is, where can you get a WordPress site?

Don’t worry, you can make this type of website a reliable hosting platform (Hostinger or Bluehost).

How to Start or Create a New Blog Website Using HTML and CSS?

If you are a beginner, then you don’t need to know HTML and CSS coding to create a new site. In this situation, if you are interested in starting a site right now, then you should read this step-by-step method (Hostinger) so that you can create a new site for yourself.

If you are a beginner and want to create a new site, you don’t need to know the answer to this question: how to create a blog website using JavaScript, Python, etc.

You will also get an automatic HTML and CSS system during the creation of a new website. So you don’t need to edit these types of codes to build up your site.

You can also use a website builder tool to design your site without having any coding knowledge. By using an e-commerce website builder, you can also build an online store site easily.

But if you want to design your site at an advanced level and don’t have any coding or editing knowledge, then you may get help from a professional website developer.

Can You Create a Blog Post in WordPress Elementor?

You can create a new article by using the WordPress eliminator tool. But if you don’t want to use this tool, then you can also post your content on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a simple and easy platform where you can write any article and publish it on your site easily.

How to Create a Blog Post Document in Microsoft Office Word?

If you don’t want to directly write your content in WordPress, then you may use Microsoft Word for creating your article. You can use Office Word offline for preparing quality articles by following SEO rules. After completing your article, you can copy it from Office Word. After that, paste and publish the total article on your WordPress platform.

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