Can You Start a Blog for Free? Where to Start! [4 Ways]

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can you start a blog site for free

You have an interest in writing regularly, and you also want to continue blogging online.

You also have a question: can you start a blog site for free for all time?

You want to know the answer to this question because you don’t have enough budget to manage a website.

You know that a professional website needs a monthly renewal fee. This is the reason why you want to continue blogging without any cost.

In my opinion, I want to say that you can continue your blogging for free on a specific platform. You also read this article to know about free blogging sources and other important notes.

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Is Blogging Free for All?

Some bloggers continue their blogging for free, but the real fact is that professional bloggers use paid hosting for their professional sites.

Can You Create a Blog Site for Free? Where to Start?

You may have a question: how can you publish your blog post for free?

There are many blogging platforms where you can build your free site, such as Wix Blog, Blogger, Weebly, WordPress, Google Sites, etc.

As a professional blogger, you can create a site to start your blogging journey. But if you want to earn money from a professional site, you need to use a paid hosting plan. This is the reason why you should not use free blog sites to make real money.

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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Paid Blog Site on WordPress?

To create a professional WordPress site, you need to purchase a domain and hosting plan from a popular hosting provider like the Hostinger platform.

You may need around $80-$200 per year, and this cost may vary according to different web hosting plans. If you need a reliable hosting plan at a cheap rate, then you may try Hostinger (top hosting platform) + free domain.

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How to Start a Blog Site with No Money

If you want to start your blog for free and also make money, then I will tell you something. If you want to make money, then you need to choose a paid hosting plan for creating a professional site.

It will be tough for you if you create a free blog site and make money with it. However, if you want to start a site without money, you may create one.

start blogging with no money

Now I will mention some of the best free blog sites that you may try to start your blogging journey with no money.

1️⃣ Way One: Try the Platform

First, go to this platform and sign up. On this platform, you can create a free Wix blog for testing purposes. But you cannot start this type of free site for professional use.

In the free version, you will never get full access to manage your site. But you can get full access to the paid version of this platform.

If you want to make a professional site, then you need to use the paid plan of this platform.

You may have a question: how do you start a blog for free on this Wix platform?

First, you need to create a Wix account, and after that, you will find the option to create a new site from this place.

2️⃣ Way Two: Try

On this platform, you can also create a free blog site, and you can also learn how to manage a WordPress site with articles. If you want to start a blog site for affiliate marketing, then I think this type of free WordPress is not suitable for you.

You should create a professional WordPress site by using (hostinger) paid hosting plan.

Some people also have a question: how to start a new blog site for free on WordPress?

To create a free site on this platform, you need to go to and create an account. After that, you can create a new site without any cost, and you can also use this site for unprofessional purposes.

3️⃣ Way Three: Try

Google offers a free platform for creating a free blog site for users, and this platform is also called Google Blogger or Blogspot. You can also create a blogging site at no cost, but the problem is that you cannot manage all the articles at a professional level.

Besides, the free blogging site is also not preferable in different search engines, and there is less chance to get organic traffic to free blogging websites.

4️⃣ Way Four: Try Google Sites

Google Sites is also a well-known and reputed platform where you can create a free site. But you cannot get enough facilities from this type of site, whereas you will get more facilities from your professional blog site. So I want to tell you that if you seriously want to create a blogging site, then you should select a paid hosting plan from a reliable place.

Factors that You Should Know to Write Articles

After creating a blog site, it’s time to write articles so that you can publish them on your newly created site. To prepare a quality article, you need to follow some factors that are given below:

1. ✅️ Using low-competition keywords for quick ranking. In this case, you may try SEO tools (Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.).

2. ✅️ Optimize your article to increase the quality level. By using the Semrush tool, you may also increase the quality of your writing.

3. ✅️ Grammar correction of your writing is also important, and you can check this type of correction by using the Grammarly tool.

4. ✅️ You should avoid plagiarism or duplicate content in your writing. To check on this issue, you may use a plagiarism tool that you will find on the internet.

Is It Free to Start a Blogging Site on a WordPress Platform?

You can create a free blogging site at (as I have already mentioned). But it will not be better to use a free site for your professional brand promotion. So to create a professional WordPress blog site, you may go to popular hosting companies like Hostinger, Bluehost, etc.

My Viewpoint

You can continue blogging for free if you are a beginner, but there is also a problem. The problem is that you cannot convert this type of free site into a professional site.

So my suggestion is that you should start a professional blog with paid hosting at the starting level. If you want free organic traffic from Google and other search engines, then you also need this type of professional website.

At the same time, you also need to publish well-written articles on your new site. If readers or traffic benefit from your website information, then traffic engagement may increase.

In this situation, search engines may prefer your site, and gradually, more traffic may start to come to your site regularly. Normally, you will not get this type of facility from a free blog site, and you should understand this real fact.

So make a decision: should you start professional or free blogging? You may have a question about how to start professional blogging.

If you want to start this type of blogging, then you also need to manage a paid hosting plan. At the same time, you also need to register a brand new domain name so that you can add it to your new site.

Now you may have a question: how do you find a reliable place to get a paid hosting plan?

If you don’t know popular hosting platforms, then you may go to Bluehost or Hostinger (a top-rated hosting platform). To continue your blogging, you also need patience because you need to write blog posts (articles) regularly.

If you have preparation for regular writing, then I think you may start blogging right now. At the starting level, you may not get free traffic from your new site.

But you should continue publishing articles for a long time. If you can publish quality articles, then you may have a chance to get enough organic traffic quickly from different search engines.

So try to prepare well-written articles, and you should also include enough information in your blog writing so that readers can get enough data from your writing.

Finally, I want to say that if you are interested in a blogging platform, then you need to choose a paid hosting plan and use SEO tools for optimizing your article.

FAQ: Where to Start a New Blog for Free

Does Google Blog Offer a Free Site?

Yes, you can create a free website from Google Sites or for unprofessional use. If you want to create this type of site without cost for a short time, then you may try these types of Google platforms.

How Long Does It Take to Create or Write a New Blog Post?

It depends on your performance, and you should give yourself some effective time to create a new blog post. To know the average time in detail, you may read these articles. “How long does it take to write an article or blog post?”

How Many Blog Posts Should You Post on Your Site to Make Money?

There is no guarantee that you will make money after publishing articles. But if you can create a successful blog site, then organic visitors are regularly coming to this type of site. At the same time, you may also earn money from affiliate marketing on this type of authority site. To grow your site by following basic SEO rules, you need to publish quality articles (which I have already mentioned in detail).

Now, the question is: how many articles or blog posts should you publish on your new site to receive organic traffic from different search engines?

In my experience, at first, you may publish 5 to 10 articles between 1 and 5 days. After that, you need to continue to publish articles. At this time, you may publish 4-5 articles per 7 days. Keep continuing to publish posts regularly.

When you complete publishing around 100 quality articles, you may start to get some organic traffic from different search engines. It will be better if you don’t publish 100 articles together in one day. Try to publish a hundred articles in around 100 days regularly.

If you need time to publish around 100 articles, you may have a chance to grow the authority of your site. After publishing 100 articles, you don’t stop publishing new articles. You should continue publishing new articles for a long time.

How Many Times a Day Should You Publish or Post on a Blog?

You may publish one article per day because you need time to write an article. But this amount may vary according to your writing performance. If you want to create your authority blogging site, you should write well-written, informative content.

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