Is It too Late to Start Blogging for Beginners? [1 Reason]

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is it too late to start blogging for beginners

If you are thinking that it’s not time for you to start a blog site, then you should read this entire article before making any decision.
Some people also have a question like you: Is it too late to start a blog site for your blogging journey?

I think this article may be effective for you if you are serious about blogging and don’t know how to start.

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Is Online Blogging a Dying Trend?

In our modern world, this platform is popular because lots of people read the articles to find more information or answers.

blogging is popular now

Normally, bloggers share their personal experiences on their blogging sites. This type of information may or may not be useful for readers, but still, a huge number of people in the world read articles.

You may also have a question like others: do people read online blogs anymore?
Now I think that you have the answer to this question, and you may decide to start a blogging site right now.

Is It Too Late to Start a Blog Site as a Blogger?

If you are thinking that people do not read articles and that blogging platforms are not popular nowadays, then I’ll say that you are wrong. Lots of visitors find information on various search engines.

If your age is over 30 or too old, then you may continue blogging if you feel better and have an interest in writing.

If you want to start a blog site, then I think you should start today if you can buy just the domain and hosting. Don’t worry, buying a domain and hosting is not hard work, and creating unique articles is also important to grow a site spontaneously.

Is It Too Late to Start a Travel or Tourism Blog Site?

If you have experience and information about travel, then you may start blogging, where you may include travel information so that readers who are online visitors can get useful data from your site.

By following easy, step-by-step methods, you can create a travel blog site.

Is It Too Late to Start or Create a Food or Cooking Blog Site?

If you have experience and knowledge about different types of food items and cooking recipes, then you may start this type of site. Growing authority on a blog site needs time, and you need to wait for it. This is the reason why you need to create a blog site right now if you are interested in it.

N.B.: Now you may have a question about how to start a tourism (travel), cooking, or food blog site instantly.
Answer: If you want to make any type of professional site, then you need a popular paid hosting plan from a reputed hosting company like Hostinger, Bluehost, etc.

Is Starting Blogging Online Worth It?

Not all blogging sites are worth it for some reason. If your site does not receive organic traffic, then this site is worthless. If you want to receive organic traffic from your site, you need to publish lots of quality articles regularly.

What Kind of Blog Site Should You Start Online?

If you are thinking about what type of blog you should start, then I want to say that you should select an interesting topic for your new blog site. You also have experience with that topic, so you can write useful articles on your site.

Is there the Cheapest Way to Start a New Blog?

If you have a budget problem and want to start a blog site at a lower price, then you may try a cheap and reliable hosting plan from Hostinger. On this platform, you will also get a free domain with this cheap hosting plan.

➑️ How to Create a WordPress Blog Site (for affiliate marketing) at Hostinger [for beginner, medium & professional]

If you are interested in creating a blog site instantly at a beginner level, you may start right now. You just need to follow these step-by-step guidelines, where I have mentioned some easy instructions that you may follow.

What are the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Blogging?

πŸ’  Pros:

  1. βœ…οΈ You can share your personal experience so that readers can read your thoughts.
  2. βœ…οΈ You can earn money through affiliate marketing when your growing site has lots of organic visitors.
  3. βœ…οΈ You can promote your business brand through blogging.

🟀 Cons:

  1. You need to renew your domain and hosting plan every year.
  2. You need to give yourself lots of time to create unique articles.

What is the Most Common Mistake or Fault for First Time Bloggers?

If you want to avoid these types of mistakes (given below), there may be a chance to get organic visitors and make money from your established site.

1.πŸ“ƒ Don’t Optimize Writing for Increasing Quality

Some people have no seriousness to increase the quality of articles on his new blog. This is the reason why different search engines mainly give this type of article a lower ranking. So you need to focus to increase the quality of your writing. You can do this easily by using a paid SEO tool (Semrush content optimization).

2.πŸ”  Don’t Check Grammar Error

Some bloggers don’t check for grammar errors after writing articles or blog posts. This is the reason why online readers may get disturbed while reading this type of writing. Search engines will not also prefer this type of content that has grammar errors. If you are weak at grammar, you can solve this problem by using the Grammarly tool.

3.πŸ”Ž Don’t Check Duplicate Content (Plagiarism)

Search engines also don’t like duplicate content, and this is why you need to remove this type of problem from your articles. You may check your writing with a free plagiarism checker tool and duplicate content if found.

4.βœ…οΈ Don’t Include Low Competition Keywords

To increase the rank of your new article, you need to include low-competitive keywords in your article title and body. Now the problem is how to find this type of keyword because you are new in this sector. In this situation, you may try the Semrush keyword tool to find targeted keywords for your article quickly.

5.πŸ” Don’t Check Keyword Density

Some bloggers also don’t check the keyword density after writing articles. This is the reason why different search engines may give the articles a negative rank if the keyword density is high.

My suggestion is that you should keep the density of keywords below 2%. It will be better if it is below 1%.

My Viewpoint

It is the right time to decide whether to continue your blogging journey or not. If you have an interest in and passion for writing about a specific topic, then you may start blogging right now.

If you think that you will start after a few days, then you may lose interest. So my suggestion is that when you feel interested in writing, you need to start at that time.

Blogging is not a short-term process, and you need to continue your writing for a long time. Your feelings are also a matter of whether to continue writing or not.


Is Online Blogging for Full-Time Profitable?

If you are a beginner, then you should not start full-time blogging. The main reason is that not all bloggers can get success from their sites. Bloggers who may not follow basic SEO rules and who also don’t publish quality articles can’t gain success from blogging. It will be better if you prepare an infographic blog so that online readers can understand your writing easily.

You may add charts, diagrams, statistics, etc. to your writing or article for easy understanding of your thoughts.On social media sites like Quora and Twitter, there is a short text with images. This type of sharing of thoughts may be an alternative to traditional blogging or replace blogging. So you need to publish quality articles by following the proper SEO rules for your site.

After publishing around 100 articles, you will understand whether the result of your blogging site is positive or not. In my opinion, if your site has quality articles and you use low-competitive keywords, then that site may get organic traffic.

Some people may have this question: Why do some bloggers fail in their blogging sector?
I think that you have the answer to this question if you read the above writing in this article.

Can You Instantly Start a New Blog Site for Free?

Yes, you can create a free blog site, and you will get this type of free writing platform on

How does Work?

It is a free blogging platform where you can create your site for unprofessional use. If you want to create a site for professional purposes, it will be better for you if you go with a paid hosting plan for creating a beautiful blog site.

Blogging with Google Sites Good or Bad?

This platform allows users to create a free site. But my suggestion is that you need to use a paid hosting plan if you want to continue a professional blog site for a long time.

Is Blogging on the Quora Platform Suitable?

Quora (a social platform) is another blogging platform where you can share your opinions or personal thoughts.

How to Choose the Best Niche (Low Competition) for Blogging?

Choosing the best blog topic or niche is not easy work, but you can easily find this type of niche and low-competition keywords by using a reliable SEO tool.

Does Your Professional Site Need a Logo?

A blog logo represents the professionalism of a blogger. It will be better if you add a logo to your new site. You can create a free logo online because you will find many sites where you can create this type of logo.

Should Blogs or Articles Have Pictures?

You can publish any article without a picture or image. Without an image, an article may not interest online visitors. Besides, readers may not understand your writing if you do not use images in your article. So it will be better if you add unique images to an article so that online visitors or traffic can easily understand your writing.

What should Your First Blog Post (Article) be About?

After creating a new site, you should publish “about me” “privacy policy”, and “disclaimer” pages. Besides, you should also prepare some more pages for your blog site. If you want to know more about this, you can check out my blog site, for example.

Now you need to create quality articles or blog posts to continue your blogging. But the question is, what type of article should you prepare?

In this case, my suggestion is that you should prepare a low-competition keyword list. After preparing these types of keywords, you should start writing articles.

Should Your Blog Site have a Home Page?

You can set your homepage with a static base, or you can set it as the default. But, in my opinion, having the homepage of a site is a must.

Does Continuing Blogging Cost Money?

If you want to start a professional site, then you need to renew the hosting plan and domain name. Besides, you may also need some extra costs if you want to design your site by hiring a web developer.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare or Write a Single Blog Post?

If you are a beginner, then you need extra time to write a single article. After publishing articles regularly, you will understand how to write an article at a specific time. To know the average specific time for writing an article, you may read this article, “How long does it take for a blog post?”

How Long should a Blog Post (an Article) be?

Try to focus on creating quality articles, and you should set your mind on creating an article that has more than 1000 words. Besides, there are also other things that you may need to know. If you want to measure how long your article should be, then you may use an SEO tool.

How often should a Beginner Blogger Post Articles?

At the beginning of blogging, try to publish 4–5 articles per week. And continue these strategies if you can create articles regularly.

How Many Quality Blog Posts Do You Need to Make Money Online?

I will not guarantee that you will make money after publishing articles, but I can tell you that you can grow your blogging site after publishing quality articles regularly. After a long time, when you see that your website has ranked in Google and received organic traffic, you may earn from that site.

What Makes a Bad or Low-Quality Blog Site?

If grammar errors and low-quality articles are found on your site, then search engines or SEO may not have a preference for this type of site. Besides, if your website contains thin content (very short-length articles below 500 words), then your site may get negative feedback from SEO.

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