Is Starting a Blog Worth it? is it Profitable [7 Mistakes]

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is starting a blog worth it?

If you are thinking of starting to write on an online platform through your new blog site, then you may also have these questions.

  • Are online blogs profitable or not?
  • Is starting a new blog worth it or not?

As a beginner, To know the answer to these questions, you need to read the full text of this article.

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Is Starting a Blog Site Online Worth It?

You may also ask: Is it still profitable to start a new blog site?

Starting a site is not worth it if it is not profitable. Now you may have a question about what type of blog is worth.

I want to answer this question and say that you need to build your new site. If you are not able to establish your site, then you cannot get regular organic traffic from it.

As a result, your investment in this blogging sector may not be profitable.

Is Starting a Travel Blog Site Online Worth it?

As a starter, if you start a travel-related site, you also need to grow it by following SEO rules. If you cannot establish this type of site, then you also cannot get enough facilities from it. So first, I suggest that you need to know the travel sector before starting this type of site.

Is it Worth Starting a Food Blog Site Online?

Like a traveling site, the food sector is also another section where you will find mini-food blog niches. If you are a well-experienced cook and also have enough knowledge about food-related items, then you may start this type of blog.

But there is no guarantee that you will benefit from a food blog. The main reason is that you also need to establish and grow your new food-related site to get a huge number of organic online visitors.

Is Blogging Online Good for Beginners?

First, I want to say that all bloggers don’t get success in their blogging sectors. The main reason is that some bloggers don’t have enough knowledge and don’t know how to start and continue blogging.

On the other hand, some experienced bloggers can make money online because they have growing and authoritative blog sites.

If you are a beginner, then I will say that you should read some basic ideas about blogging and SEO terms. If you have an idea about blogging and SEO-related techniques, then you can continue your blogging career for a long time.

What to do now?

If you are a starter and don’t know what to do but have an interest in starting to blog, then you can start.

But the condition is that you cannot get success in the blogging sector instantly.
Growing a new blogging sector takes time, and you also need passion and dedication.

Do People (Website Visitors) Read Online Blogs Anymore?

If you have a confession that people read blog posts or not, then I want to say that in our digital world, there are lots of online visitors who find articles.

Besides, there may be a chance to increase the number of blog readers in the future because, in our technological world, people can easily get virtual ideas.

What are the Common Mistakes (Faults) New Bloggers Make?

Before starting a new site, I think you should read these notes below. If you can maintain these points, I think you can avoid some blogging problems that some bloggers have already faced.

πŸ“ƒ 1. Choosing the Wrong Blog Topic

Some bloggers cannot get success from their blogging because they use the wrong blog topic. If you don’t choose your preferred blog topic, you cannot continue your blogging for a long time.

The main reason is that you cannot prepare lots of articles if you don’t have enough knowledge about your selected blog topic. So my suggestion is that if you are a beginner, at first you should choose the blog topic or niche that you have knowledge in.

You can use an SEO tool to quickly find your blog topic. In this case, you may try a niche-finding tool (I prefer Semrush).

βœ’οΈ 2. Writing Poor Content or Articles.

If you don’t optimize your writing, you cannot create quality articles, which is also important for SEO. To establish or grow a new site, quality writing is important.

You can use the professional SEO tool to optimize your writing in a short time. I think this part is an important issue for you because well-researched and informative articles are necessary for a growing blog.

πŸ”€ 3. Not Using Proper Keywords.

Keyword research is necessary for your blog site, and in this term, you need to focus on it. It will be better if you use long-tail keywords in your writing.

These types of keywords are important if you want to rank your articles on different search engines. There are lots of keyword research tools online, but you need to use a professional tool.

Semrush is giving a free trial to new users so that they can understand how to find profitable keywords for their new blogs.

βš™οΈ 4. Not using a Professional SEO tool.

It will be better if you use this type of professional tool (like Semrush) as a beginner to get a quick advantage. If you are in a hurry to optimize articles, do keyword research and do other related implementations with the SEO tool.

πŸ”Ž 5. Not Checking for Plagiarism.

After completing your content, you should check if duplicate words are available in your writing or not. There is a free and paid version of Plagiarism Checker that you can use to try to find duplicate content.

πŸ” 6. Not Checking Grammar.

When readers read your writing, they don’t expect any grammar errors, and this is the reason why you should be aware of this issue. So I think you should check your writing to fix grammar errors. If you do not have time on your hands to solve this problem quickly, then you may use a grammar checker tool.

πŸ”— 7. Not doing Enough Internal Linking.

When publishing your blog post, you should interlink among these posts for SEO. You can link to other articles on your website so that readers can go to the other articles to learn more.

What Kind of Blog Site Should You Start as a Beginner?

You may also have this question: Should you find the best niche that has low competition for online blogging?

First, you need to select the right niche or blog topic for you so that you can continue blogging. Choosing the right and profitable blog topic is important if you want to do affiliate marketing in the future.

The Cheapest Ways to Start a New Professional Blog

You can start your blogging journey and make a fresh site at a low cost. This is why you need to choose the right hosting platform.

how to start an easy blog site at a beginner level?

Here, I will discuss two ways, and you can choose any one for creating your new site.

1️⃣ Way One: Hostinger

This is a reliable hosting service platform where you can create a WordPress blog site at a very cheap cost.

Step 1: Go to the Hostinger.

Step 2: Start to build a blog site now by using the easy instructions.

Besides, here I have also shared another way (below) that you may try if you are a beginner.

2️⃣ Way Two: Bluehost

These hosting services are also popular, and you may try any one of them to continue your blogging.

Note: Both Hostinger and Bluehost hosting places are the most reliable, and my website is made by Hostinger.

  • Hostinger [for beginner, medium, and professional levels]
  • Bluehost [for beginner level]

How to Start a New Blog on the Facebook Platform

First, you need to create a Facebook page and change the URL. After that, create a profile page and start sharing business posts on this page.

But blogging on Facebook or other social platforms is not a great way. The better way is to create a new site with a paid domain and hosting plan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Blogging

You will face some problems when you start blogging, such as:

  • You need to renew your domain and hosting plan.
  • You need to create quality articles.
  • You need to require to implement SEO techniques in your writing.

If you can grow the authority of your site, then you may start earning affiliate income. Growing a blog takes time, and you need to have patience and hard-working capability.

How to be a Successful Content (Article) Writer

To become a professional content writer, you need to know about SEO, keyword research, and the techniques to write quality articles.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I would like to say that you need to start writing online if you are a beginner. To grow a site, it depends on how you take care of it. This is the reason why SEO is important for your new site, and you should implement it as required.

If you start a new site right now, then it may not be worth it for you because you need to grow it by using some specific methods.

If you have an interest in continuing to blog for a long time, then you need to create a good blog site. If you can earn money from your site, then it will be worth it for you.

Some bloggers cannot get success from their blogging journey because they don’t follow SEO. So if you are a beginner, I think you should have some basic knowledge about SEO.

You may read my other articles where I have already mentioned SEO and other related techniques. At the same time, you need to publish well-researched and informative articles if you want to grow your new site.

FAQs: Are Blogs Profitable

Why do you start a blog for your business?

If you want to promote your business products, then I think blogging may help you.

Is full-time blogging possible?

Yes, full-time writing online (on a blogging platform) is possible if you have an established and authoritative website.
If you are unable to earn money from your site, then you should not continue blogging full-time.

Can you start a brand new blog site for free?

You can start a new site without any cost, but it will not be professional for you. If you want to grow your new website, then I think you should use a paid hosting plan for a professional site.

Is it too late to open a blog site?

If you have time and are willing to write, then I think you can start right now.

After creating a site, what should your first blog post be about?

You need to create some important pages that I have already mentioned in my other article.

How many blog posts or articles do you need to make real money?

This depends on the quality of your articles and the growth of your site. There is no actual amount of publishing articles to make money online.

Is blogging on Quora possible?

If you want to start free blogging, then you may use this platform, but you cannot get full access to it to continue blogging. In this case, a paid hosting plan is important for professional blogging.

How long does it take to write a new article (blog post)?

It depends on your typing speed, and you can also write articles quickly by following a specific method.

How long does it take to earn money from a blog site?

Time is not mandatory, and the important thing is that if you want to earn money online, you should have an authoritative blog that has a lot of organic traffic.

How difficult is it to continue online blogging?

As a beginner, blogging may not be easy for you because you do not have enough knowledge about it.

If you cannot create quality content, then you cannot grow your new site in the future. Maintaining a proper SEO is also important for your new blog, and you should also be aware of it.

Why do most bloggers fail to continue writing?

When you start a new site, you may not get organic traffic from it. As a result, you may get frustrated with your blogging, and you may not have the interest to continue writing. In this case, I will suggest that you continue quality writing with patience when creating articles. To create a quality article, you need to optimize your writing by using the suitable tool mentioned in this article.

What is the most difficult part of online blogging for bloggers?

Some bloggers cannot do proper SEO at the beginner level, and this is also an important term in online blogging.

Why does nobody read your new blog posts?

If you start a new site, then you need to focus on growing it for a long time. Normally, online readers cannot find new articles on a new site. But you can get organic traffic if you can use competitive keywords in your writing.

Should your blog post have unique images?

Using a unique image in a blog article is mandatory because Google and other search engines don’t like to use other images.

Are professional blogging courses worth it for starters?

I think you can learn blogging from the internet without cost, and you can also learn some more important things from my other articles. If you are interested in learning blogging through professional courses, then you may need a budget plan too.

Do established blogs make money online?

You may have a question: Can you make money blogging about your life?
Yes, some bloggers are earning from their well-established and high-authority blog sites. It will be better if you start a blog site that is related to a business product.

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