How Long does It Take to Make Money Blogging? 1 Blog Idea!

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how long does it take to make money from blogging?

If you are thinking that you can make money quickly online, then you need to read this blog post or article.

First, you need to get the answer to this question: How long does it take to make money from a blog?

Most people think that making money online is very easy, but this thinking is right or wrong, which you need to know first.

If you are a beginner on this online platform and don’t know anything about making money online, then you need to continue reading.

Is It Realistic or Possible to Make Money Blogging?

Some professional bloggers earn a handsome amount from this platform. But as a beginner, you need passion to build a blog site to get organic traffic.

If you don’t have enough organic visitors on your site, then you will not be able to earn from it.

How Long Does It Take to Make Real Money from a Blog Website?

There is no guarantee that you will earn money from a newly created website. The earning time depends on what time you require to build a new site into an established website. If you can quickly build a high-authority website that has organic traffic, then you may start making money.

On the other hand, if you are not able to grow your site for organic visitors, then you will not be able to start earning money online.

To grow a new site, you need to publish at least 100 quality articles.

quality articles are mandatory for a site

However, the quantity of published articles may vary according to person and niche topic. You may need more than 100 articles to grow your new site.

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Some people may have a question: how long does it take to earn money from a food blog site?

If you are interested in food blogging, you need to focus on creating unique and quality blog posts as a beginner.

If someone can convert his newly created food blog into a high-authority website, then he may get regular organic traffic online. At that time, he may think of earning from affiliate marketing with this food blog.

How Long Does It Take to Make $100 Per Month from Blogging?

The main issue is that you need to focus on getting organic visitors to your site. If you want to do affiliate marketing, then first you need to improve your site.

You may earn above a hundred dollars if your new site has regular targeted traffic. For this type of income, you need to publish many well-written articles regularly.

Try to publish around 100 articles by following SEO rules. When you see that organic traffic is starting to come to your site, you may apply for an affiliate account like

If the affiliate account gets approved, then you can add affiliate links to your articles to earn money. You will get paid to your bank account after earning from this type of legit affiliate marketing.

How Long Does It Take to Make $500 Per Month from a Blogging Platform?

If your target is to get $500 per month from affiliate marketing, then you need to achieve enough organic traffic (a minimum of 10,000 organic traffic per month). To reach this goal, you need to publish quality articles (at least 300).

However, this quantity of articles may vary according to different bloggers and website categories. You need to do hard work to get this many organic visitors to your website.

If you can publish unique and well-written content on your site and wait a few years, then you may get enough organic visitors.

How Long Does It Take to Make $1000 Per Month from a Blogging Platform?

$1000 per month is not easy work, but some successful bloggers can also get this amount per month from blogging. On the other hand, many bloggers cannot get success from their blogging because they do not follow SEO rules properly.

So, first, you need to establish your website to get around 20,000 organic traffic (online visitors) per month. To get this position, you may need to wait a few years, but the condition is that you need to follow SEO rules.

N.B.: You may not get a huge amount of organic traffic after publishing many articles if those articles are not well-optimized.

How do Beginner (New) Bloggers Make Money?

As a beginner, if you want to make money online from affiliate marketing, then you need to establish your new blog site.

Want to do affiliate marketing?

If you want to know how to do this type of marketing, then you may read this article, ” step-by-step guidelines to make affiliate marketing at beginner level“.

Especially, you need to focus on some specific features, such as finding low-competitive keywords, writing well-optimized articles, etc.

How to Make Money from a Blogging Platform in the First Month?

If you are thinking of earning money in the first month from blogging, then I will say that you should leave blogging right now. Earning money through blogging is not a short process, and you may need to wait for a long time.

How to Make Legit Money from Blogging in Just 3 Months?

Earning money within 3 months from blogging is not easy work. In reality, you need to establish your site at first, and it is tough to establish a site in just 3 months.

So if you don’t have time for blogging, then I think you should not start a blog. If you have plans to blog for a long time, then you may start a new site and focus on establishing that site first.

My Viewpoint

I want to say that you need a patient and hard-working mentality if you want to establish your website. At the same time, you also need to know what other things are required to follow the SEO guidelines for a new site.

If you give yourself time, then these tasks will not be tough for you. But if you don’t understand what SEO is, then I think at first you need to know about this.

You may read my other articles on this website to learn more about SEO, websites, blogging, traffic, etc. Besides, you can also get knowledge from Wikipedia and my site (Mr Brand Web) if you want to know more about how to establish a new site.

So finally, I want to tell you that if your website gets organic visitors regularly, then you may think of doing affiliate marketing. So first, you need to focus on creating a site with authority so that you can get lots of free organic traffic from different sources (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

If you read this total blog post, then I think you may understand what time is needed to start earning passive income from blogging. As a beginner, you can make money or not, which you will also understand from reading this article.

Nowadays, some professional bloggers do digital marketing, and this type of marketing is a reliable way to earn money online. If you want to be a professional blogger, then you also need to increase the authority of your site.

To increase authority, you need to publish informative articles regularly for the readers. Seo also likes informative posts because online readers or traffic normally find these types of articles in Google search results.

Besides, a good authority site has lots of informative articles for online readers.
The increase in website authority grows slowly, and you need to wait for this improvement.

So if you want to focus on the growth of the authority of your site, then you need to concentrate on SEO implementations.

FAQ: What Time is Needed to Make Money from a Blog

How Much Does a Beginner (Newbie) Earn from Blogging?

Some professional and authoritative bloggers can manage their blogging income. But as a beginner, it is very tough to earn in this sector because you need to build up your site as an authority site.

To make any site into a well-established one, you need to wait, and you also need to publish quality content regularly.

How Long Does It Take for a Niche Blog Site to Be Successful?

You cannot get success from a site in a short time, and at least you need to wait a few years. But the main condition is that you need to properly follow SEO and publish well-optimized articles regularly.

Every blogger cannot get success from their blogging journey, and you need to think about that. If you plan to start a professional website for a long-term profit (revenue) and you also have time to implement proper SEO, then you may get success from blogging.

Can You Make Money from Blogging about Your Life?

You need to create a product-related or service-related blog site (niche site) so that you can promote products (affiliate marketing) through this type of site.

You must start a new site with a specific niche that you have experience with and knowledge about. When you see that your site is growing and receiving regular organic visitors, you may add affiliate links to your articles.

How Much Money Do Food Blogs Make?

You cannot get success from a food-related blog if you don’t have any knowledge about this topic. So make a decision first about which topic you are an expert in so that you can create lots of knowledgeable articles.

If you can write quality articles, then readers will also get useful information. As a result, search engines may also give your article a higher ranking for traffic engagement.

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