How can People Find Your Blog on Google Search [6+ Ways!]

how can people find blog on google search

You are thinking of creating your first blog site, and you also think about how other people can find your blog site on Google searches.

There are many options where people or online visitors can visit your site. But you also need to fulfill some conditions so that online visitors or traffic can reach your site instantly.

You need to submit your site to Google or other best blog search engines by using Google and Bing search consoles. When the articles on your site get indexed in different search engines, then online readers can also find your site from those places.

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Besides, there are also other positions where people or traffic can reach your site.

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Who Views Your Blog Site?

Blog readers find your site and may have an interest in reading your articles to know their answers to the questions. This website’s visitors are real people who come from different countries in the world. This type of real visitor is considered organic traffic, according to Google SEO.

How can People or Readers Find Bloggers’ Blogs

If you submit all the articles to different search engines and social media platforms, then readers may come to your site if they are interested.

sources of blog readers or visitors

They come to your site by following these (below) ways:

  1. ✅️ Google search results
  2. ✅️ Social media
  3. ✅️ Direct website search
  4. ✅️ Image search
  5. ✅️ logo search
  6. ✅️ Comment Link
  7. ✅️ Backlinks to guest posts

By following these ways, readers can enter your site at any time if your site is active for online presence. This is how bloggers get audiences or traffic on their sites.

Where do People or Readers Find Other Blogs?

Some places are given below:

  • ✔️ Google search engine
  • ✔️
  • ✔️
  • ✔️ Other search engines
  • ✔️ Facebook
  • ✔️ Twitter
  • ✔️ Other social media platforms
  • ✔️ Blog links, etc.

You may use all of these platforms if you create new articles for your new site.

Tips to Keep Your Traffic (Blog Readers) Coming Back

  1. 📃 Create quality articles by optimizing methods (many professional people are using the Semrush tool to optimize their articles quickly).
  2. 💠 Create a beautiful logo for your site so that customers or traffic can memorize that logo and come back again.
  3. ✅️ Keep your website name short for easy memorization.
  4. ➕️ Add enough information to your writing.
  5. 🔉 Always be active on social media by making positive contributions.

Can Everyone See Your Blog Post?

If you publish your article for the public, then everyone can read it. If any article is in the draft section of the WordPress dashboard, then no one can see this post. So make sure that all the articles are published in the article management section.

Why is Your Blog Not Visible on Google Search?

For thin content issues, your site may be de-indexed by Google. If duplicate contents are found on your site, then the articles may also get de-indexed by Google. If your website is not indexed in Google search results, then readers cannot find it.

Why Does Nobody Read Your New Blog?

This may happen for a few reasons:

  • Your article is not found in a Google search.
  • Your article titles have no low-competitive keywords.
  • You have forgotten to optimize your writing by using the Semrush SEO tool to increase its quality.
  • You don’t share your new article on social media.

If you do not follow all these notes above, there’s a possibility that you may not get visitors or traffic to your new site.

How Can You Promote Your New Blog for Free?

5 Ways:

  • Share all the articles on social media.
  • Link your site URLs in forums.
  • Share your website URLs on
  • You may create free guest posts with your site link.
  • Share your site link on

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My Viewpoint

If you are new to this blogging platform, then I will say that you, of course, need to submit your new articles to different search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). At the same time, you also need to share the articles on different social platforms.

If you submit the articles to Google and Bing, then you may have a chance to get free organic traffic to your site. You need to continue this process when you write new articles for your site. You can also monitor online visitors (readers) by using Google Analytics.

For promoting a business, you should make your website available to your online visitors or customers. If you can follow these ways that I have already mentioned, then you can also get a chance to get more online visitors to your site.

If you can get extra traffic, then you can also promote your business brand. On the other hand, if you want to grow your site for affiliate marketing, then you also need to share your new articles on social media.

Seo may also rank your articles when social persons come to them. Before creating an article, you also need to focus on content optimization to increase the quality or writing level.

You also need to do keyword research to find low-competitive and targeted keywords. If you don’t know the details about it, then you may read this article on what to do after keyword research for an article or blog post.

FAQ: How do People Find Your Blog

Which Blog Site is Most Searched on Google?

High-authority websites receive huge organic traffic because Google ranks these types of sites better than other normal websites. Many people also get online visitors from their new sites by using low-competitive keywords. They also optimize their articles or writing by using a specific SEO tool (Semrush).

Which Type of Blog is Most Searched?

  • Food
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Online technology-related blog
  • DIY (do it yourself)

All these topics (given above) may be most searched for, but the results of these topics may vary. Other topics may get more search results according to different conditions, locations, and times.

How Long Does It Take for an Article or Blog Post to Show Up on Google Results?

When you submit your new article to Google, it may take time for indexing. After indexing that article, this article is visible in Google results. In your new article, you should maintain the writing quality for SEO improvement.

How Do You Find Targeted Blogs Online?

If you are a reader and want to get an exact article for information, then you can go to Google. In the search bar, type a specific keyword or topic that you are interested in. After that, you will get a list of websites where you can find your targeted sites.

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